YouTube is one of the most widely used video-sharing social media platforms. The unique platform which enables its users to upload a video of theirs and the viewers from all around the world can watch it. This basic idea behind YouTube has now become a revolution in the world of traditional media. Youtube has completely changed the way we used to consume paid media. Being a free platform for both the creators and the consumers it also provides a lot of competition among the creators.

With the current upcoming generation of models, fashionista, theatre artists, etc. all are getting more and more advanced and learned in the field of technology. They are using all these technologies social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram video-sharing platforms such as YouTube for their advancements and promotion.

The fashion industry people are always very creative in using different media platforms for their promotion and advancements using magazines, newspapers in the olden times, or the new generational social media platforms in modern times. Fashionista is using all the forms of social media in a very constructive way, not only the well-established people but also the new-comers.all the new-comers use these platforms as their starting stage. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram give them real good exposure in the industry. There are a lot of people such as Brooke Eva has become really successful only because of these platforms.

A lot of pursuing models try YouTube as their stage for trying out new experiments for themselves. They try a lot of different things such as for photoshoots, try-on videos, modeling videos, ramp walk, videos, etc. YouTube try-on videos that are very common among them. Even the professionals also do these try-on videos underpaid partnership. These try on videos give people a lot of experience and confidence, along with that if they are creative in that field the recognition also. So when a pursuing artist is shooting a new try-on video they must keep a few things in mind which can be of great help for them such as they must always try something new and creative. Creativity is the key, copying a famous person just would not get the work done. You must take a good background, good light condition, a decent camera, good confidence, bold attitude this will probably get your work done if you do this seriously then chances are very high that you will get noticed.

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