How to identify fake Birkin bags?

Authentic Birkin bags are still one of the most precious and yearned for accessories globally. What makes it unaffordable the most is its price, which keeps rising every year. Considering the incredible worth of a Birkin bag, it makes sense that there are abundant counterfeits who try to gain by using the brand name. If you are an obsessed fashionista and fear getting duped, don’t. Below given are a few ways to distinguish a fake Birkin bag from a real one. You can also read the replica bag reviews to know more.

  1. Bag Posture

The posture of the handbag will reveal its authenticity. Real Birkin bags never slouch and stand up straight as a runway model. The leather quality is so good that the bag stands erect, maintaining its shape constantly. Keep in mind, the same goes for the handles. Check the inside of the handbag too. If there aren’t two inside pockets, a zipped one, and an open pocket, the bag isn’t a real Birkin bag. As for the measurements, Birkin bags are generally 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 centimeters.

  1. Leather

The scent of the leather is another lead about the authenticity of your Birkin bag. This brand creates different colours in different leathers, the quality of which is so refined that it should never have a leathery smell. The leather takes up to a decade to dry out!

  1. Stitching and interior

The stitching is handmade, done by professional craftsmen. So at places, there might be inconsistencies. But a real Birkin bag will never have messy or hanging stitches. Moreover, real Birkin bags have slightly angled, precise and tight stitchings. If the lining is smooth and not grained, it is a fake Birkin bag. The interior and lining of any Birkin product are made up of chevre leather, which is not smooth. Always check the colour schemes on the Hermès website to ensure authenticity. You can still look for Where to Buy Super Fake Birkin Bag if you have a cheaper budget.

  1. Zippers/Hardware

When you spot engravings that don’t have a refined and crisp look, that’s another lead that the Birkin bag is fake. On the zipper of an authentic Birkin, the name Hermès is engraved on a metal pull with its lower half towards the leather pull. Zipping a real Birkin implies a motion that flows effortlessly. Make sure the zip line is parallel to the zipper always. Zips shouldn’t hang down at a 90° angle from the zip line. Real hardware on Hermès bags is either on palladium or gold and has small markings to show that is an expensive metal of high quality. The hardware on the Birkin bags never tarnishes.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, another hint of the Birkin’s authenticity is the accuracy of French grammar. The Hermès accent must always be grave, which means pointing to the left and upward: “è.” Authenticity Cards do not exist in the world of Hermès! Birkin never issued authenticity cards. So if you get a hangtag or an orange authenticity card, know that it is probably coming from counterfeits.