How to Find the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

Photo by Manu Camargo on Unsplash

Foundation is such a core aspect of our makeup routines, the majority of us wear it every single day, so when it comes to actually buying a new bottle, you’re right to proceed with a little caution! The wrong choice is a colossal waste of money and a mistake you kind of either have to live with or spend more money on, so you need to be thoughtful in your decision making. Choosing your makeup in accordance with your skin tone means that your looks will last longer, treat your skin kinder and just feel better! Here are the main skin types, and how to choose the right foundation for them…

Oily Skin

Oily skin types have to be careful to avoid foundations with high oil or mineral content. These are going to smother your skin and encourage sebum production, causing your makeup to slip around the midday mark – not what you want! Choose a medium coverage foundation in a stick, powder or high coverage liquid formula and only apply with a tool. Fingers pass oil from hands to face, and the last thing you need is more oil in the mix.

Dry Skin

Dry skin usually needs a little extra love, if you opt for something that’s not moisturising enough, you might spy some flaking or dry patches emerging throughout the day. You should avoid stick or powder formulas, these can catch on rough skin and cause unwanted peeling during the application process. Instead, opt for a glowy, light to medium coverage liquid foundation with ingredients like coconut. Use your fingers for application and mix in an illuminating oil or liquid if you really want a gorgeous shine.

Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin needs a full-coverage formula that won’t suffocate the skin throughout the day. Again, you’ll want to steer clear of any silicones or excessive amounts of minerals here. These can clog your pores and leave you with more blemishes. Use a fresh, natural foundation in cream, cream to powder or powder finish and always be sure to use a clean brush or sponge when applying. Don’t be afraid of trying out a couple of vegan formulas here, they could really help to rebalance your face.

Ageing Skin

Ageing or mature skin should wear a foundation that does not settle into any fine lines or wrinkles. This can gather in crevasses and enhance them, instead of smoothing them out and creating an even canvas. To create a fresh, glowing look, opt for a lightweight fluid foundation with a bit of illumination to it. A tinted moisturiser will also work great for mature skin, making you look well-rested and radiant. Layer on some translucent powder and liquid highlighter if you want your glow to last a little longer. Stick to cream products for your blush and bronzer to keep from product gathering in fine lines.

Sensitive/Red Skin

Sensitive skin need not miss out on foundation! Mineral makeup is your friend, and a mineral foundation will be perfect for any sensitive face that tends to act up when it meets a new product. Opt for a mineral powder in a buildable medium coverage, and be sure to always use a clean, natural fibre brush that won’t bother your face. If you’re suffering from redness or rosacea, and you feel that you want to cover or decrease your redness, you can always do a little colour correcting. Use a green-based primer on your cheeks and on any other sensitive areas before you apply your mineral foundation to even out your skin tone.

Foundation, makeup in general really, should always be matched to your specific needs!