How to Cope With Dating Anxiety

Dating anxiety can come for us all when we least expect it. One moment you might’ve been feeling great about yourself, and then suddenly, it’s as if a dark storm cloud of anxiety and self-doubt has decided to plant itself deep within your psyche. Well, you’re not helpless to the situation. There are numerous ways to pull yourself out of that anxiety-ridden rut. So we’ve taken the time to round up a collection of ways that you can effectively cope with dating anxiety.

1. Treat yourself to some new wardrobe upgrades.

A big element of self-care that isn’t given enough love is the wonderful act of treating yourself. You work hard, and you’ve been living through a historically difficult time thanks to that monster called the Coronavirus. So, take yourself on a date and go shopping for some new dresses. You might be one quick trip to one of your favorite stores from finding your next new favorite floral dress, cardigan, lace dress, denim jacket, or little black dress. With that being said, there’s something about stepping into a new little black dress that can just enliven your senses with a newfound, encouraging feeling of self-confidence. Plus, it’s just plain old fun to wear new clothing when you’re having a night on the town. Your enthusiasm might open the door to the next conversation at a bar with someone who ends up being a meaningful connection.

2. Start up a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness meditation is a profound and completely natural way to help provide you with the tools you need to navigate spurts of anxiety that can come for you throughout this crazy life. Just make sure that you’re consistent with setting aside at least 10 minutes of your day, where you can sit and calmly watch your thoughts as you cover your breath in awareness. This very practice will translate beautifully to helping you maintain a sense of calm when you’re back out in the dating world. Plus, you’ll even benefit from things like lower blood pressure, improved memory, and a sharpened focus.

3. Light up the room with positivity.

We’re all prone toward fits of channeling our precious awareness toward thoughts of negativity. We can get so caught up in what’s going wrong that we forget to honor the little things in life that miraculously work out. You’ll be amazed to witness what embracing a positive outlook can do for your experience in the dating world. Before you know it, that same positivity might lead to you striking up a connection with a special someone who needed the optimism in their lives. Things can progress quickly from there. A series of dates later, and you might even be talking about moving in together. Then, who knows?

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With that, we’ve covered a few crucial ways that you can cope with dating anxiety. We even touched on a strategy that you can incorporate into your relationship if you find your partner is dealing with their own insecurities around their penis size. Dating doesn’t have to be a panic-inducing part of life. It should be exciting and filled with adventure. You’re already on the right track just by reading through this list.