How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Parlor in Montreal?

Choosing a tattoo parlor can be a taxing thing to do. Montreal has a few decent and safe tattoo parlors, and we would love to share the best one with you.

Getting a tattoo done is a conscious decision. Well, sometimes, you may end up in the tattoo parlor after washing down a couple of drinks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just reveal the name of the best tattoo parlor in Montreal?

Before we reveal the name, it’s good to know how you can choose the perfect tattoo parlor. Let’s dive into this quick article to find out!

#1 Can the tattoo artist make the design you like?

You might have a vision, and the tattoo artist should be able to fulfil it. While tattoo artists are versatile, it is good to check the social media pages and existing works of the artist. If not, you can ask the artist about the kind of designs they make.

Be very clear about your requirement. Let’s say you want a tattoo of your wife’s face. The tattoo artist you choose should have a proof that he/she has made such tattoos before.

#2 Safety of the customers

Safety comes first! When you select a tattoo place, you should check whether they change the needle for every customer. They should do this in front of you. A clean and new needle should be used for the tattoo making process.

Don’t go a tattoo artist who doesn’t change the needle. Shared needles could transmit unwanted and lethal STDs.

Tattoo box Montreal ensures that they provide a safe space for the customers.

#3 Ask as many questions

It’s your right to ask questions. You’re a consumer, so questions should be asked as promptly. Here’s a list of questions you should ask:

  • Are the needles kept in sealed containers?
  • Are the needles and pigment-trays single-use?
  • Do they wash non-disposable objects with warm water and soap?
  • Will the tattoo artists wear gloves and goggles?

None of your questions should go unanswered. If they fail to answer your questions, head to the next shop.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this quick guide helped you make a decision.

You must consider these pointers before selecting a tattoo parlor. Make sure you are selecting a tattoo design that you would be happy with many years down the line.