How to Choose a Necklace or Pendant

Image source: Lassanai

Choosing that perfect pendant to wear with all of your looks is a tricky one. You want something that’s going to blend with not only your clothing, but also with all of your other jewelry, too! On top of that you have color, style and material considerations to throw into the mix. You’d be forgiven for feeling just a tad overwhelmed when you set out on your search! Here are a few pointers that will bring you closer to finding the pendant or necklace that you’ve been dreaming of…

Take a look at your personal style 

First, you should have a think about how you like to dress and the kind of look you’d like to channel with your necklace or pendant. It’s so easy to fall head over heels for a shiny piece of jewelry, only to take it home and realise that it really doesn’t match with any of your wardrobe or with your personal style in general! Take stock of your preferred aesthetic by checking out your clothing collection or even curating a digital mood board, an overarching theme will definitely stand out once you step back and have an objective peek at your taste as a whole. 

Consider your coloring 

Once you’re solid on the aesthetic direction that you’d like to take with your pendant, it’s time to have a think about how that adornment is going to compliment your features. Usually, the undertone (i.e. gold, silver or rose gold) that you veer towards tends to indicate which kind of coloring suits you best. If you’re feeling unsure, think about the colors that you like to dress in or take yet another look at that wardrobe of yours. Spying an awful lot of white, grey, blue, green and silver? Chances are, you’ll shine in silver and white gold jewelry. If there’s a lot of warmer creams, reds, pinks and browns, you’ll likely feel more at home in gold. Lots of people can pull off both undertones, just be sure to try on your prospective pendant to feel totally confident that it complements your coloring! 


Image source: Lassanai

Materials make all the difference 

Remember that the materials and metals that your pendant is crafted from make such a huge impact on the look, feel and longevity of your purchase. Look for ethically sourced materials, high quality metals and transparent production details to source pieces that are as well made as they are beautiful. Sustainably sourced gemstones, high karat gold and ethical sterling silver are all materials that you should be keeping an eye out for. 

Explore style options 

With so many amazing options and resources out there, why would you box yourself in without doing your fair share of exploring? Get out there and browse your options online and in store to discover pieces that you might never have known you needed until you set your eyes on them! This is also a really great way of confirming whether a pendant is for you. You can keep your favourite in mind whilst you’re browsing through other items, if that particular necklace is still capturing your imagination whilst you’re looking at other options, you’ll know that it’s the one for you!

Invest in quality 

Always shop slowly, sustainably and responsibly. Taking the time to invest in high quality, gorgeously designed pieces means that you’re being kinder to the environment, supporting brands that produce mindfully and saving yourself money in the long run. Well made items will withstand daily wear beautifully, meaning you’re treating yourself to jewelry that you can keep and treasure for many years to come.