How to choose a hair and nail salon for your needs


How do you know the hair and nail salon you choose to have a manicure, pedicure or hair color treatment performed will meet or exceed your expectations? Even more important, how do you know this hair and nail salon is hygienic and in compliance with local or state regulations?

Here are three things you need to look for when selecting a hair and nail salon:

  1. Is Salon Staff Experienced and Qualified?

Staff licenses should be displayed on a salon’s walls. If asked, each staff member should be able to tell you how many years of experience they have in the hair and nail salon business and how long they have been working at this particular salon.

In addition, be wary of “bargain” prices. Unusually low prices for services means something is not right. Consider how much money is actually needed to operate a salon properly. Sterilizing equipment is not cheap. High-quality salon products aren’t cheap either.

  1. How Clean Does the Hair and Nail Salon Appear to You?

Is the floor dirty? Do technicians wash their hands in front of customers? What about the chemical smell in the salon? An overly strong odor of chemicals may indicate the salon is poorly ventilated.

Any equipment used by a technician should be clean or new. Emory boards coated with nail dust is a red flag that a technician is reusing that Emory board. How clean a salon’s restroom is also tells you how clean the salon is overall.

  1. Ask How Long Technicians Have Worked at the Hair and Nail Salon

High turnover at a salon could indicate several things, such as the technicians the owner hires can’t maintain a solid client base or employees don’t feel valued by the owner and quit within six months of being hired. In other words, a hair and nail salon with a revolving door of employees should not be your first choice.