How to buy branded sunglasses online for women?

Besides the aesthetic concern of women’s sunglasses, women are also faced with the following question: which of these models looks good on my face type? More than choosing women sunglasses, you need to understand your face type. If you have any difficulty understanding the shape of your face, we will help you quickly: Just take a picture of your face. But you need to be 100% facing the camera and without any facial expression.

What did you find? Is it the heart shape, pear shape, diamond shape, oval shape, rectangular shape or square shape? Depending on your face type, you can select the best sunglass at affordable prices from Prtya that best suits your face, style, and characteristics.

Kitten Glasses

How can we leave “kitten glasses” if we are talking about stylish sunglasses for women? Glamour was the biggest reference when it came to kitten glasses. In fact, it is the biggest success to date, especially in sunglasses. This model is ideal for triangular faces, giving a greater balance to the face. Finding kitten glasses model is quite easy.

Rectangular Glasses

If you have an oval face type, opt to rectangular glasses. In fact, it is one of the most sought after options when it comes to women’s sunglasses. The linear details of this model of glasses make the face look more angular. A new trend that is coming with everything in the market is the transparent frames. These frames are available in rectangular models.

Aviator glasses

The aviator model of Ray-ban arose out of a need for war pilots. Initially the lenses were green, but today it is possible to find this model with lenses of different colors and styles that refer to this classic. If you have square or oval face, then opt to aviator glasses. Women look spectacular in this frame.

Round glasses

Besides being immortalized in the face of ex-Beatles, John Lennon, Janis Joplin also left these glasses models as his trademark. You will find models in several colored and mirrored lenses, leaving you unique and original. This type of sunglasses is suitable for oval and square faces.

Wayfarer glasses

Another classic and very dear to all, are Wayfarer glasses. Created in the 1950s, in a more retro style, the glasses model was inspired by cars of the time such as the Cadillac. The Wayfarer model looks great for round, oval and even square faces. Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the most versatile models that fit almost any type of face.