How to Be Confident in Your Body: 5 Effective Tips

You’ve probably heard people say “have body positivity” or “be body confident.” But…how do you actually do those things? 

Well, there’s no one perfect answer because everyone is different. But there are a few things you can try that will hopefully help you to love your body. Hint: it’s nothing radical, but it sure is helpful! 

Keep reading to learn 5 effective tips on how to be confident in your body. 

1. Love What Your Body Does 

A lot of times, you’re taught to focus on how your body looks. To analyze the thickness of your thighs or the size of your waist. But instead of focusing on how your body looks, focus on what your body can do. 

Think about how amazing your body is for keeping you alive every day. And when you work out, pay attention to how strong your body is and how much power it holds. 

2. Adjust Your Social Media Usage 

It can be fun to follow people like Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid on social media. But if following people with the so-called “perfect” body is negatively impacting your body image, it’s time to hit unfollow. 

And if you see friends on your feed with incredible beach photos or mirror selfies, remember nobody looks like that twenty-four seven. 

3. Try Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations can feel a little silly when you first start doing them, but they actually work! Say them to yourself in the morning, at night, and the times when you’re feeling bad about yourself. 

Here are some positive affirmations to try: 

  • I am enough 
  • I am beautiful no matter my size 
  • It’s okay to love myself
  • I can do anything I set my mind to  
  • My weight doesn’t define my self worth

4. Be Kind to Your Body 

You should always try to treat your body like it belongs to someone you love. Fuel it with healthy foods, dress it in pretty clothes, and say nice things to it. You could even take it for a spa day or a relaxing massage. 

Your body is your home, so don’t be afraid to show it some love.   

5. Indulge in Self Pleasure 

If you’re open to it, building sexual confidence is another great way to build body confidence!

To do this, try sensually touching yourself or even self-gratification. It allows you to become more intimate with your body and confident when being intimate with others. 

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Now You Know How to Be Confident in Your Body 

Learning to love yourself isn’t easy, but you can do it. You’re strong and capable, so don’t let your mind tell you otherwise. Now unfollow some people on social media, say your affirmations, and be kind to yourself! 

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