How The Tattoo Heals? Step By Step

A lot of people get confused about the fact that if their tattoo has totally healed or not. The tattoo may look completely healed in a few days. But there’s more to it. It is really essential that you keep taking care of the tattoo for at least 13-14 days or maybe a month depending on the size and kind of tattoo you have got. In many cases, if the tattoo is really big, the entire healing process may take more than a month.

That’s why it is essential that you keep applying a good quality tattoo aftercare cream and check out how a tattoo heals down below.

Oozing and Redness – your tattoo artist will cover the tattoo once you have got it done. Usually they wrap a thin film around it and will tell you when to take it out. Mostly they ask their clients to take the wrap out in 3-4 hours but you might have to wait longer if needed. Once you remove the thin film from the tattoo, you’ll see that fluids will ooze out from the tattoo. The skin surrounding your tattoo can be very red. It is pretty normal and everyone who gets a tattoo faces the same. This is going to last for a week or more. But, even after 10-15 days the redness persists, you might want to visit a doctor and get it checked.

Itching – it is very common if the tattoo itches a lot in the first week. After all, the tattoo is a wound that you have just received. In between the first and second week, your brand new tattoo will itch and flake. You have to resist the temptation to scratch it when it itches. You can apply a gentle tattoo ointments to get rid of it. In case the itching becomes unbearable, you can ask for an over-the-counter antihistamine.

Peeling – in between the second, third and fourth week, the tattoo will start to peel. This is the process when the skin is sloughing off due to the body’s natural action to an injury. This is an indication that the tattoo is healing quite well. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Aftercare – after a month, your tattoo might seem to have healed completely. But you cannot stop taking care of it right away. Keep applying a good quality tattoo aftercare cream and keep a check on it. Wash and clean it after you come back home and apply a mild lotion. Only then the tattoo will be in a good condition and will keep healing properly over time.

Final Words – taking good care of a tattoo is essential if you want it to remain in a good condition for a longer period of time. A tattoo will be there with you for a lifetime. That’s why you got to take good care of it and not neglect the points that we have discussed here.