How Long Does Real Baby’s Breath Flowers Last?

Gypsophila paniculata, better known as Baby’s breath, is an ornamental plant originating from Eastern Europe. Despite having small petals, they have 55 species that can be found in Europe and Asia. This flowering plant is included in the Caryophyllaceae which is a type of carnation. Its natural habitat is steppes, sandy and rocky places, and calcareous soils. They are plants that have perennial plant varieties and annual plants. They can also withstand extreme weather. Even during winter, they can last until the next season changes.

This cutie originates from Eastern Europe and Central Europe and is widespread in other countries. This cute one is very popular as an ornamental plantation plant. Even in Peru, this baby breath seed is cultivated, and these little cuties are used as export flower commodities. So many florists use this little beauty, especially because of the high demand for weddings, so this type of flower has an award as the flower of choice. This beauty has a long bloom time, it can bloom from early spring to late fall, and it only takes 8 to 12 weeks to grow them from baby breath seeds to bloom.

They are well known for being very tough and durable cut flowers, and although some of the smaller blooms die quickly, they can take anywhere from 5 to 14 days. Usually, if they receive a bouquet from their loved ones, the women will take care of these beauties so that they last. This is because baby breath meaning that it can soothe the heart. They have the meaning of sincerity, purity, and true love as a description of the feelings of their loved ones. Well, this must be done with proper care and handling of gypsophila to prolong their life. To maximize their time, you can put them in a vase.

The first thing you have to do is get rid of all the leaves below the waterline. Then you have to wash the stems under running water and cut the ends of the rods with oblique pieces. Before putting water into the vase, make sure it is sterile. After that, put water into the vase until the stems are submerged about 2/3 of their length. Make sure to change the water at least every two days and place it away from trash cans. It is because they are sensitive to ethylene gas present in fruits, vegetables, rotting flowers, and leaves. Because they will wither easily if exposed to the gas. Place them in a room that is well exposed to the sun.

Or not even a few who choose a baby breath bouquet to dry by itself. This is because lately, a dry flower is popular to be used as a room decoration or a room to give the aesthetic nuance of the room. Moreover, baby breath is a type of dried flower that is very beautiful. They are often used as wall hangings, bookmarks, and so on. To dry them off, you can cut your baby breath plants in the morning when they are just blooming and even better if half of them are still sprouting. For great results, you should not cut flowers that are already brownish. Wash them stems under warm running water and tie 6-8 stems and hang them upside down in a dark, warm, dry place with good air circulation. Leave it for five days to two weeks or until it is dry as you like.

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Alternatively, you can use a pressure drying technique. However, unlike the previous technique, this technique will produce flat blooms and stems. Usually, they are dried for use on cards, bookmarks, or display frames. The method is quite simple where after you cut it, make a layer of cardboard, a sheet of newspaper, and tissue sequentially on the table. Place them in a single layer on the tissue paper. Then wrap them in this layer. If you have other types of flowers, then you just need to make a layer like that. Finally, put the report in the middle of a large book page to apply even pressure to them. You can increase the load by stacking the book with other books or bricks on top. Making them in this way takes two to four weeks.

Or you can make baby’s breath into preserved flowers by soaking them in glycerin liquid. It is done so that the water in it is replaced by glycerin, making them look fresh. This solution will keep the change in the texture of them, but this method has a drawback, namely the process that takes a long time. They should be left in the solution from 2 weeks to 1 month. Or you can also use a way of rubbing epoxy resin all over the petals and flower stems. This is done by pouring the epoxy resin liquid into the mold with the flowers and leaving it for a day. They will also harden and make them look fresh inside. They are usually used as keychains or table decorations.