How Do I Choose the Best Cowboy Boots Available on the Market Today?

Cowboy boots are the most American footwear option in the shoe industry. They’re a callback to the image of pioneers braving the frontier to make a fresh start in life. What’s more, they’re stylish with several incredible designs!

These days, you can find cowboy boots made from several materials and in a wide array of colors and designs. Even with these innovations, though, custom cowboy boots are most easily distinguished by their leather. 

Several types of leather boots exist, each with its use and look. If you’re not sure what the best cowboy boots are for you, check out the guide below! We’ll help you find the shoes that are right for you.

How to Decide on the Best Cowboy Boots

Finding the best cowboy boots starts with finding the right leather for your purposes. So, figure out when you’ll wear these shoes. Will they be everyday wear for your feet, or do you plan on wearing them for special occasions?

Once you know how you’ll wear your boots, you can pick the best leather for that purpose. We’ll discuss some of those leathers below.

Types of Leather

When most people think of cowboy boots, they picture boots made from goat leather. This classic, all-purpose material is the standard for boots. Known for its smooth texture, this leather lacks any distinctive style or pattern.

However, goat leather is a soft leather that breaks in quickly. It’s a comfortable and durable material meant for everyday use.

In contrast, snakeskin leather often has several unique designs. This leather choice is ideal for those wanting to make a fashion statement. However, snakeskin also requires more care and maintenance than other leathers. 

Ostrich leather has the softness and durability of goat leather but with visual distinctiveness akin to snake leather. It has a textured look with bumps from where ostrich feathers were plucked from the skin.

Next in the lineup is lizard leather, which like ostrich and snake leather has a distinctive appearance. Its surface has several ridges, often with a glossy finish. Their stiff material and shiny look make them ideal for dress situations.

Lastly, there remains caiman leather. This option also has several distinctive patterns. You can search for caiman leather boots at

Style and Embellishments

When searching for the best cowboy boots, leather isn’t the only consideration. Style and embellishments also matter!

First, we’ll discuss style. Usually, style features include the length of the boot shaft (knee-high, traditional, ankle) and the toe style. The usual toe styles include pointed, round, or square options. 

Lastly, consider the heel height and your sole’s material. From there, you can think of embellishments. What design would set your boots apart from others?

Would you prefer a stitching pattern? Do you want rhinestone features? Whatever it is, find the solution through your custom cowboy boots provider.

Find Your Best Cowboy Boots Today

Once you narrow down the leather and style you want, finding your best cowboy boots is no trouble at all. Use a custom cowboy boots provider to get the stunning shoes you crave!

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