How Can You Really get Your Curly hair Back?

Your last straightening was perhaps one too many because you can no longer find beautiful curly and natural hair? Here are 3 effective solutions to correct the situation and for Getting your curly hair back.

Stop smoothing completely

It may seem obvious, but it is important to say it first: to find beautiful curls, you must absolutely stop straightening with a straightening iron. Indeed, your natural hair has lost tone and definition because it has been damaged (and perhaps burned) by regular contact with the heat of your device. So, leave your natural curls as they are every day until they regain their vitality.

Apply ultra-nourishing care

Because of repeated straightening, your hair is damaged and dried out, which is why you can no longer find beautiful curls. In fact, immediately set up a targeted care routine to give them a second life. The essential treatment? A nourishing mask for curly hair, enriched with moisturizing, repairing and protective active ingredients. A product is to be applied once a week after shampooing.

Use styling mousse

Yes, the styling mousse is the product of the situation to once again display flexible and structured curls. Applied to dry or damp hair (according to preferences), it gives spring to curls and disciplines the hair in a light and natural way. For these reasons, the expert provides you with two professional styling foams which shape and fix the curls for up to 24 hours without cardboard effect.

Both wild and romantic, curls have it all! But what to do when they lack rebound? Here are our tips for well-drawn curls!

Moisturize your curly hair

Curly hair is not easy to master, it is often dry and tends to frizz in wet weather. This is due to its “spiral” shape which prevents the sebum from being well distributed over the entire length. This is why you have to bet everything on hydration and the use of thermo-protective treatments, such as the Expert Protection 230 ° leave-in treatment, which protects the hair from high temperatures. But before rushing to the first products that come to hand, check that they do not contain alcohol, desiccant for the fiber, or silicone which would weigh down the spring of the buckle.

What care to favor for my curly hair?

Light and malleable, leave-in care in the form of a cream smoothest the surface of the hair and redraws your curls without freezing them. Rich in vegetable oils, such as Expert Nutrition + Leave-in Care, these products soften the hair. Result, the loops are airy and redefined.

Our expert tip: apply one to two hazelnuts of Expert Nutrition + Leave- in Care, to towel-dried and clean hair. Massage your curls well, insisting on the tips. Daily, use your touch-up treatment on your dry hair for voluptuous curls at any time!

Habits to avoid

Because they are dry, curly hair is satisfied with one to two shampoos per week. No more, at the risk of further drying the hair fiber. Then, when you dry them, absorb the maximum moisture by wrapping a towel around your hair. Finally, choose a hair dryer with a diffuser and set it to the minimum temperature.