Holiday Style Guide: How to Accessorise a Sequin Dress

Sequin dresses really are incredible, and they are perfect for the next glitzy holiday event lined up on your social calendar. If you want to turn heads, there’s nothing better than a sparkling frock styled to perfection! Although a sequin dress really is the centre of your outfit, there are a couple of rules that should follow to ensure that you don’t overdo it. Restraint is necessary even in the content of sequins, guys! For flawless styling, follow these tips and tricks…

Avoid adding more shine

An easy way to go overboard with the sequin styling is by adding too many sequin elements, so try and avoid grabbing your shiniest clutch! Keep all other areas of your outfit matte or relatively subtle is keep the focus on your dress and to ensure that you don’t look like you’re headed to a fancy-dress party! A mix of materials is also going to maintain a sense of texture in your outfit when you dress with just one fabric, the beauty of it is typically lost or not made the most out of. A contrast between matte and shimmer highlights the ethereal beauty of your sequin frock!

Stick to one or two tones

Just the same as you don’t want to overkill your sequin usage, you’ll want to be restrained with colour also. That’s not to say you can’t use colour, in fact, a bold colour really makes the gorgeousness of your sequin dress shine. It’s best to stick to either a monochromatic look or to opt for two complementary tones. This will make your outfit look and feel very uniform, styled and put together. If you plan on using two colours, some great pairings to consider include champagne and cream, emerald and mint, light pink and red, silver and grey or black and silver.

Keep the silhouette simple

A simple silhouette works best when it comes to sequin dresses. This is simply because it’s an intricately embellished fabric, so you don’t want to overcomplicate things with the fit. A few beautiful styles to consider for your glittering gown include slip, mermaid, off the shoulder and strapless. These will all showcase both your figure and your dress perfectly, plus they’re very comfortable cuts that will facilitate a long night on the dance floor!

Hair and makeup should be pared back

Make sure you stick to the simpler side of things for your beauty look. It might be tempting to rock a glitter liner and eye-catching highlighter, however, you’re better sticking to the more muted and matte tones here. Opt for a 90s nude lip, a cut crease shadow in a soft natural tone and a flick of inky liner. For your hair, consider going for a slick, on-trend low pony? If you want to keep it out, some loose mermaid waves will work perfectly. This is, again, going to balance with the strength of your dress and ensure that you look very tasteful and chic whist you shimmer away.

Let your dress take centre stage

The general theme of these tips is to make sure you’re letting your dress take centre stage and be the real shining star of the show. A sequin dress really is so stunning, and that means that you can kind of relax with the other elements of your outfit as well as your hair and makeup, which is amazing because it means you can focus on having a fab night!

Ready to absolutely stun with these sequin dress styling tips?