Green Gifts For Your Loved Ones


Do you know someone who enjoys spending time in nature? Do you have that one friend who’s always trying new CBD and hemp tinctures? Have you been brainstorming a gift for someone more of the organic food and long walks outdoors type? It can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to start. With so many brands offering green products, CBD, and private-label supplements, you should start by narrowing down your options.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a rugged, outdoorsy individual or for someone who loves bringing nature into their own personal space, there are ways to find thoughtful, impactful gifts. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Surprise them with some CBD.

Chances are you’ve heard about the nation’s CBD craze. These days, you can even find CBD products in your local supermarkets and convenience stores. Hemp and CBD products continue to attract new users and first-timers to promise the highest quality products, helpful gummies, and convenient capsules. However, you don’t have to settle for getting your loved one capsules, gummies, or any old CBD oil. Especially if you know someone with a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, you can give them the gift of white label CBD.

White label means that you can add your unique branding and graphics to third-party or white label CBD products. White label products are a great way to use existing formula bases, start up your own CBD line, and use this as a launchpad for your own brand. You can see why white label products can be significant gifts, especially if you know someone who would benefit from white label goods and merchandise. Whether you’re buying for a CBD hemp expert or you’re browsing different retailers and formulators, white label is often the way to go.

Bring the outdoors inside.

If your loved one doesn’t have much extra time to get out every day, you may want to bring the outside to them. This is why bouquets, houseplants, and fresh flowers make for popular gifts, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday celebration. Especially for those who are still working at home, it can feel like a lot to spend most of the day indoors. With some houseplants, you can help someone decorate their workspace with orchids, succulents, or other green plants. You can use a plant gift for a housewarming party. You can even pick out the perfect indoor plant for someone’s graduation or get gift plants delivered to an event. Plant gifts are great ways to spread a bit of love.

Pick up some camping supplies.

For those that don’t know aspiring entrepreneurs or aren’t interested in white label services, you might want to get some outdoorsy gifts that are a bit rough and tumble. Camping supplies are often the perfect gift for your friend who’s always ready for a weekend in the woods or a cross-country camping road trip. You can always find unique products like insulated coolers, thermoses, fire quick-start kits, and pet products that can help make any camping trip a breeze. If you’re really struggling to pick out some camping supplies, you may want to sign up for a camping newsletter or consider buying a gift card from a sporting goods store or a camping retailer.

When you really put some thought into it, it’s easy to find green gifts for anyone, whether they’re an entrepreneur celebrating the launch of their business or they’re a pair of newlyweds that recently moved into their first home. From garden supplies to the many balms, gummies, tinctures, and oils on the CBD market, you can find plenty of green-themed gifts with a bit of creativity and a willingness to do some research. With time, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.