Get to Know Your Questions and Ask Your Crush Anything

Picture it: you’re out at a friend’s house or the store when suddenly you see a cute guy or your crush. Your palms start sweating, butterflies are doing cartwheels in your stomach, and your mouth is suddenly bone dry. In the current age of putting our whole lives on the internet, the art of verbal conversation is a skill that’s becoming near obsolete.

The internet perpetuates this new tech-obsessed culture of laying out everything in your life for likes and shares. Social media and the ‘no-strings-attached’ dating app culture are making it especially difficult to have a meaningful, real-life conversation.

Knowing the Right Questions Can Make a Big Difference

However, if you get to know your questions for breaking the ice and a few clever tips for keeping the conversation going, you won’t have felt your heart migrating up to your throat every time you see a cute guy. A website that offers savvy tips and advice for talking to your crush is the women’s lifestyle website A New Mode. They focus on giving relationship advice and the thought-provoking, age-old question: “Will it ever be possible to understand men?”

Maybe you want to use their advice and questions to learn how to better talk to strangers and break the ice, or maybe you want to try and start a conversation with somebody you like more than a friend.

Tips for Starting a Conversation in Real Life Instead of Through DM’s

Many people struggle with feeling nervous and awkward around the opposite sex. Their minds go totally blank, and their tongues get tied. If you experience those same issues, here are some tips that will help you feel cool, calm, and collected when talking to a guy!

Perhaps the most crucial part: you don’t have to ask questions just to fill the silence. Chatting about nothing in particular does not translate to a meaningful conversation, and it never leads to making a connection. Ask open-ended questions that you are genuinely interested in, phrasing it so they can’t be answered by just a Yes or No. Don’t try and say things to impress them, just let the conversation flow naturally.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Body language may be subconscious, but it’s a significant part of having a conversation with somebody, especially if you like them. Always make a moderate amount of eye-contact, and you should never take your cell phone out and send a text or check your email while they’re talking. It’s rude, insulting, and tells the other person they aren’t important enough to get your full attention. Also, remember to smile! Nothing is worse than looking bored or like you have a sour taste in your mouth.

Put in Sincere Effort and You Will Make a Connection

You don’t need to be an expert conversationalist to have a meaningful, genuine talk with your crush or even a guy you just met. Ask about his favorite food, what he does for work, if he has any pets, or what his interests are. Smile, make eye contact, and pay attention to your body language so you don’t come across as bored or standoffish.

In the world of hookup dating culture, making a genuine connection is rare. Ask questions you care about instead of trying to fill an awkward silence. When you open up, it fosters a rapport between you and the other person. Everyone gets a little nervous sometimes, but with these tips you should have the cool confidence to strike up a conversation with any guy you see!