Get the Look of your Favorite Celebrity in no Time 

If you were a fashionable person, you would look forward to following your style diva. Most girls would look forward to establishing relation with their style icon. The most common relation would be considering themselves to be a twin or a perfect match with their dream celebrity. It would be pertinent to mention here that boys are no exception to the rule. They would also think of themselves to be a look-alike of a fashionable celebrity. 

The question to ponder upon would be how to make this dream a reality. You may consider yourself to be a celebrity lookalike, but do you dress up like him or her. You may have a tough time following your dream celebrity around for his or her fashionable apparels choice. However, do not fret as Designr is at your service. The personal celebrity fashion designer and stylist application would help you search for the latest fashion and style trends suitable to your needs. The fashion trends would be designed by celebrity stylists and designers to suit your needs. You would be able to match and follow your twin celebrity in no time. It would also enable you to dress up in fashionable attire as your celebrity does. 

By downloading the app on to your mobile devices, you would have your fashion designer at your behest at all times. You would be able to follow the celebrity, track the latest fashion and stylish apparels worn by the celebrity, and ensure to get customized fashion recommendations suitable to your specific fashion needs and requirements. 

You would come across a plethora of celebrities, designers, boutiques, and brands to choose from. They would be promoting their merchandise or trends to people who are no less than fashion divas themselves. They would relish having an opportunity to follow the trends of their favorite celebrities, keep track of their fashion trends, and purchase the clothes online. 

The app would help you get the desired look of your favorite celebrity at a reasonable price. 


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