Get a dress on rent – An Introduction

It is not always a good idea to purchase expensive dresses as they will be of no use at some point in time. And also if you want to wear some outfit only for a few hours on any occasion, it is better to take up the dress rental service from herwardrobe. Here at herwardrobe, the dresses are rented, and you can browse through the collection for the perfect fit and size. The dresses are displayed for rent and along with them, there are the accessories and millinery from the designer labels which are the best. One can browse through the categories as well as the collection through color, size and also style.

Working of herwardrobe

Let us have a glimpse of how this herwardrobe works to rent dresses. The first and foremost step is to find the dress, in order to do so, you need to select the dress which is present in the collection of the designers who are premium and you can do this by searching through label, event or even the length of the dress. Once the selection is finalized, you can book the dress for the rental period and this will be 4 days or 8 days. One more important point here to be noted is that the dress is suggested to be booked before two days of the event as the availability may change and also, they will be delivering the dress to the person on the day that the period of the rental starts or begins.

The dress then will be arriving on the particular day that is specified by you and you can have a fantastic and fabulous time wearing the outfit. After the rental period is over on the final day, the dress is needed to be popped up into the envelope and there is the express post box or the Aus. Post outlet where it has to be dropped in. this is the final step and thus the job is done. Remaining will be taken care of the team like then dry cleaning and you can happily share our moments with the dress on social media.


So one may have a doubt regarding the size they get the dress to be rented and what needs to be done when a wrong size is picked? So in this kind of case, if you have not ordered the proper size with the proper fit, you can mail to the given mail id on the website and so that they help you and assist you with what needs to be done. The garment should not be worn before the time of returning and the garment should be done with the package with care.