Fragrance Facts: How Long Does Perfume Last On Clothes?

There plenty of factors that make a good first impression when you meet someone, and no doubt, their scent is one of them. Whether they smell really good or really bad, you will remember their scent. Now, you most likely want to leave that same impression on people as well. You want people to greet you and think how great you smell. Yet, the moment you pray your perfume and you walk out the door, you get the feeling that the fragrance fades off somehow. How long does perfume last on clothes? Keep reading to find out! Should You Spray Perfume on Clothes? First of all, you know that perfume is meant to be sprayed on the skin. However, it’s also completely okay to spray it on your clothes. In fact, this will allow for your perfume or cologne to last longer. However, before you spray a fragrance onto your clothing, you should do a spray test. In other words, you should spray a little bit onto a small portion of your clothing to see whether or not it’ll stain. However, you should avoid spraying fragrances onto your jewelry, as it’ll lead to discoloration. How Long Does Perfume Last on Clothes? Usually, perfume or cologne will last on your clothing for a good 24 hours. That all depends on the quality of your perfume. The cheaper the perfume, the less it’ll stick onto your clothing. However, a good, strong perfume or cologne might even last a few days up to a week. This also depends on the type of fabric you spray it on. Certain fabrics can absorb perfume or cologne a lot better than others. If you want look at examples of top-quality, durable perfumes and colognes, visit How to Make Perfume Last Longer There are ways you can make your cologne or perfume more durable. For example, your body heat is what activates your perfume. Spraying it on your pulse points, such as your wrists, behind your ears, or your neck will increase perfume projection. Also, rubbing your perfume onto your skin won’t make it last longer, as most people assume. Spraying it onto the pulse points and letting it air dry is the best choice. When buying a fragrance, remember that Eau de Parfum lasts longer than Eau de Toilette. Another thing you can do is apply cream before spraying perfume onto your skin. The cream will help your skin absorb the fragrance a lot better. Or, you can even try applying perfume after your shower and before drying off, as it’s also another great way to make it easier for your skin to absorb. Show Off Your Scent Now that we’ve answered your question, “how long does perfume last on clothes?” it’s time to put these simple tips into practice. The longer your perfume lasts on you, the more great first impressions you’ll leave on people. If you want to read more beauty tips, explore our webpage!