Fine Options for the Kristina Pimenova Contacts

She is nine years old, with long blonde hair and a captivating blue gaze. This is Kristina Pimenova, for the majority, a real unknown, for the main fashion brands, one of the top models that will shake the catwalk in a few years. Before you go for the Kristina Pimenova’s phone number there are certain options are there.

The early Career

Kristina has modeled for different firms on campaigns and catwalks, since she was three years old, among which names such as Armani, Dolce &Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Benetton stand out. In addition this year he made the cover of renowned magazines such as Vogue Kids and Elle Russia. He has also taken gymnastics classes, which is his greatest passion and dedicates several hours a day, every day of the week.

Of course, the success (somewhat sudden) that Kristina has achieved, is not applauded by everyone, since she has also faced negative criticism. In this case not directly on her, but towards her mother, who is the one who has driven her career.

GlikeriyaPimenova also ventured as a model long ago, so contacts were not lacking. And he took advantage of his career in the middle to start Kristina’s career. When you go for What is kristinapimenova phone number then there are deals there too.

Social Media Option

With more than two million followers on Facebook and close to 800 thousand fans on Instagram, Kristina is present on social networks but in reality these are also managed by her mother Glikeriya, since her daughter is not yet old enough to be in direct contact with his followers and why not, also his detractors.

Kristina is considered the most beautiful girl in the world, a ‘title’ that her more than 2.7 million followers on Facebook and her 400,000 instagram followers cover.

She was born in Moscow in 2005 and is the daughter of a former model, GlikeriyaPimenova, and a well-known Russian soccer player, RuslanPimenov. They were the first to believe in the beauty potential of their little girl and with only three years they trusted a modeling agency to manage their possible foray into the world of fashion. And they were not wrong. Since then she has not stopped posing for luxury brands such as Roberto Cavali, Armani or Dolce &Gabanna. She has also been a model for Benetton and for dozens of firms from her native country and has also been the cover of Vogue Bambini magazine, which also focused on the potential of this beautiful girl.

Ease with Camera

She works with real ease on camera, although her mother says that at the moment she is not as attracted to the catwalks as to rhythmic gymnastics, to which she dedicates four hours six days a week. For her, according to her mother told the Daily Mail, the photo shoots are a real adventure, since they usually last almost all day.

Many criticize Kristina’s excessive public exposure, claiming that she is too small to be considered a ‘supermodel’. Given these criticisms, her mother assures that the girl has the same routine as any little girl of her age and that she goes to school and rhythmic gymnastics classes daily like the rest of her friends. Now that the kristinapimenova phone number is there now online.


Be that as it may, what is clear is that the excessive beauty of this girl does not go unnoticed neither by her thousands of followers on social networks nor by the main fashion brands, who see her as a reference for the fashion of the next decade.

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