Fine- looking Steampunk Lighters:

Today our lives are so easy because of the invention of lighters, but lighters were not always there. In the earlier ages man had to work so hard to light a small fire but today that same man could just flick the lighter and can start a fire.

The funny and interesting thing about lighter is; that they were invented before the matches (can you believe it?) a match was invented in the mid of 19th century but the lighter was invented in the 16th century; however that lighter was not like the lighters we use today, but the base for a modern steampunk lighter had been laid at that time. The 1st lighter was nothing more than a converted flintlock pistol, although it was nothing close to a lighter but it had the function that would be later installed in the lighter.

The 1st proper lighter was created in 1823 by famous German chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner. The lighter was called the “Döbereiner’s lamp,” this lamp marked the start of a modern era where a fire could easily be created in a blink of an eye. 

The model was extremely simple with metal zinc reacting to sulfuric acid which produced hydrogen what turned into flames when there was a spark at the mouth of the lamp. This lamp was a success and the scientists that came next based their inventions of lighters based on Döbereiner’s lamp.

After evolving for many years; the lighters’ innovation came to a stop in the 1950s with the primary source of fuel as butane in the lighters, and since then the lighters are used very frequently with the butane as the fuel.

If you are interested in finding out about the beautiful and fantastic steampunk lighters, then the below-mentioned list is made just for you.

Top 5 Steampunk Lighters: 

  1. Steampunk Lighter Brushed Bras
  2. Eagle Lighter
  3. Animal Lighter
  4. Dragon Lighter
  5. Armor Tree Lighter

  1. Steampunk Lighter Brushed with Brass: this lighter is a refillable one. It also has the option of a replaceable wick and a flint which makes it an ideal gift and an accessory worth keeping for the long term. The lighter offers reliable and fantastic performance; it has a lot of fascinating features like an emblem attached to it. The lighter is compact and easy to carry, made of durable brushed brass and have a subtle texture all over. 
  2. Dragon Steampunk Lighter: this lighter has a beautiful epoxy shaded dragon engraved on it. It is a quality product which can last many years. The lighter is made with a windproof style which means that you can light a fire in any weather and it also has replaceable flints and a refillable tank. Un-doubtfully a perfect gift steampunk accessory lovers. Visit here for more:: 
  3. Armor Tree Lighter: this lighter has two-toned laser engravings which add a beautiful contrast to the design. This is a user-friendly lighter which can last many years. You can also change the flint of the lighter easily. This vintage accessory comes in eco-friendly packaging.
  4. Steampunk Eagle Lighter: this lighter has a stylish look because of the brass polish. It can last a lifetime if you take good care of it and keep it in use. Refiling it is as easy as ABC. You can use it in any situation and any weather, and it will be your long term companion. It is perfect for everyday use.
  5. Three Wise Monkey Steampunk Lighter: the animal lighter has wholly made of metal and has a windproof design which makes it very handy. The lighter is engraved with the three wise monkeys meaning; don’t hear wrong, don’t see bad and don’t listen wrong. It has a brass finish, and it is effortless to use it and refill it.

Since their invention to this day; lighters have been used as the symbol of class and identity. People used to engrave or personalize their lighters with their initials or with a family mark so they could be recognized where ever they go and use them. You can visit for more.

Lighters are available in all shapes and sizes, but it is hard to find good quality lighters which are ideal for use and which do not harm you with their low-quality fuel. If you want to find good quality lighters from the comfort of your home; you can always visit websites and visit shops to go through their amazing collection of vintage and beautiful steampunk lighters.