Fashionable Boho Looks to Try Out Today

Bohemian style dressing is always fun, the look in itself relies on piling on pieces and embellishments that tell their own story, which is kind of what fashion is all about – storytelling. Creating these looks always takes a little effort, but once you get into the groove of putting on boho babe gear every day, you’ll feel lost without it! If you’re a creative spirit and you want to channel that creativity through your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet! Here are a few looks that you absolutely need to try out if you want to shake up the way you dress and feel more like your eccentric, embellished, fabulous self!

Moody lace

Dark, romantic looks are at the forefront of trends in 2019, but really, they’ve always been beautiful in the eyes of a bohemian! This one is great if you want to get spruced up for a special occasion in a stylish and unique way. Slip into a high neck lace dress, either sheath or mermaid cuts will work amazingly here – avoid the A-line, it’ll be too traditional. Select a lace in deep burgundy, inky navy or muted dark green to stand out from the crowd. Weave your hair into a messy French braid or side bun, slide on a mixture of metal and resin bangles, add some dramatically pointed heels and a white lace shawl, and voila! The perfect chic boho formal look for literally any special occasion.

Eclectic office wear

You can absolutely bring that bohemian spirit in the boardroom! Rock a pair of oversized, wide-leg chinos in a classic beige tone and tuck in a Victorian cut, high neck white blouse. For full effect, be sure that your blouse is made of gorgeous silk or lace. To keep it more minimal, pull your hair into a messy bun, slide on some black flats and grab an oversize blazer in a soft dove grey. Want to feel a little more colourful? Add a silky headscarf in a lovely mauve or black, drop-down pearl earrings and go for some strappy sandals.

Breezy bohemian weekend wear

Did you know that you could take a piece so classic, so formal and so clean-cut, and turn it into the perfect focal point of a breezy, bohemian outfit? Yep, that’s right, you totally can! Your essential white button-up is the very piece to style on your most chilled out summer weekends. Reach for a pair of A-line, wide-leg cream denim or linen shorts, and loop a studded, intricately embroidered belt through them. Next, grab that button up and button it, leaving three or four buttons open. If you want, tie the remaining fabric around your waist, if not, tuck one side into your shorts and leave the other out to show off your belt. Add some tan or black cowboy boots, aviator sunglasses and fringed suede bag for a full boho effect.

The flowing floral frock

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but worth mentioning all the same because it’s just so gorgeous! Flowing boho dresses are essential in any creative’s wardrobe. They do all the work for you. To take a gorgeous boho dress up a notch, layer up your metallic necklaces and pendants – the more, the better! Draped, layered chains on a low or plunging V-neck look particularly fabulous.

Each one of these bohemian looks will leave you feeling like a total style goddess, no matter where you’re heading to! Be sure to let your own personality and taste shine through in every look you put together, you want to feel confident, beautiful and comfortable!