Fashion Trends: How to Design Your Own Fashion Accessories

Humans have long been fascinated by jewelry. In fact, the oldest jewelry dates back to around 100,000 years ago.

When we talk about handmade jewelry, we refer to jewelry made without the use of mass-manufactured equipment. Handmade jewelry is special and unique. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that you can gift to friends and loved ones (or keep for yourself).

There is an endless array of handmade jewelry options, and you can design your own using everyday materials and easy-to-find tools. Making friendship bracelets, tassel earrings, and beaded or engraved jewelry is far more rewarding than simply buying silver jewelry in a shop.

In this blog post, we will highlight some great options so that you can get creating. So read on!

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is highly versatile; it can be turned into bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings using a wide array of different materials. It’s cheap and easy to create, and it can be highly personalized for you or your friends. 

For instance, a color-blocked disk-deaded bracelet or necklace using crystals is surprisingly simple to make. You can choose the colors that you like best or match them with the season. Best of all, you can use lettered beads to create something personalized, such as adding your friend’s name or words that inspire you.

Engraved Jewelry 

Another customized piece of jewelry is engraved or stamped jewelry; they make great statement pieces. Metals such as copper and aluminum are great options here as they can be easily engraved or stamped with designs or words. You can easily buy stamps to mark the jewelry, or you are free to create a hand-drawn design that will be extra special.

Engraved jewelry makes a great present since you can include a personal message the recipient will cherish forever.

Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets never go out of style. With just a ball of yarn, you’ll be able to weave stunning friendship bracelets in a range of colors that you can also customize further with stick-on beads.

This is an especially great DIY project for younger kids interested in knitting and making some fun gifts for their circle of friends. All you need is some first-rate jewelry equipment, and you have a fun activity that will keep them busy for hours!

Design Your Own Handmade Jewelry

Simple, handmade jewelry is memorable and is great fun to make. Whether you create handcrafted jewelry as a present or add to your style collection, it’s fun to be creative at home.

The above examples of handmade jewelry are all easy to make and can be performed by children and adults, young and old. Pretend you are one of the world’s top designers today!

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