Eyelash Extensions Care: How to Prolong the Life of Your Extensions

So, you’ve taken the plunge, saved your pennies, and made that appointment with an eyelash stylist. Welcome to the ever-growing club of eyelash extension enthusiasts! 

Unlike the false eyelashes of the 1960s, which tended to fall off mid-martini, extensions today are safe, natural-looking, and long-lasting…IF applied correctly, and cared for after application.

Since you’ve committed to lash extensions, you want your new look to last as long as possible. While extensions don’t need much maintenance, it’s important to have an eyelash extensions care plan to keep your lashes fresh and fabulous.

Keep reading for eyelash extension care tips.

Wash Your Face and Lashes

Cleaning your lashes will NOT encourage them to fall out early! Make it a point to wash your lashes at the same time you wash your face. 

Do you have separate products for makeup removal and face washing? Consider an eyelash extension cleanser that you can use on both your new lashes AND your face, simplifying your routine in one product. What’s most important here is that any product you use to clean your lashes must be free of oils, and uses natural ingredients to moisturize.

When drying your face, pat your lashes gently, rather than rubbing them and running the risk of irritation or early shedding.

Brush Your Lashes

When you sleep, your lashes can get tangled or matted, so a gentle brushing after cleansing is a must. Use a clean mascara wand to gently brush them in the correct direction so they lose the “just woke up” look.

If you can, sleep on your back for less lash muss in the morning, A silk pillowcase also helps keep lash crushing to a minimum.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Lashes

For great lash longevity, you must keep your hands away from your lashes. Rubbing, plucking, or any hand-to-eye contact is a no-no!

Not only does touching your eyes increase your risk of infection, but you can dislodge your extensions or the adhesive. If that happens, you’ll be revisiting the salon way too early. 

What to Wear on Your Lashes

It is best to only use water-based, non-waterproof mascara on your new lashes. Anything oil-based will weaken your adhesive, and eyelash curlers and such will dislodge your extensions so avoid these altogether.

Consider wearing a lash sealant, which is the perfect aftercare product. A good sealant will help keep the adhesive and the lashes strong and conditioned until your filler appointment.

Get Fillers When Needed

Eyelash extensions will shed over time, like natural eyelashes. So, it is crucial that you have an appointment every two weeks or so with your stylist so that new lashes can be placed where old ones have shed. 

Neglecting your filler appointments will mean more work for your stylist and more $ you will have to spend to reclaim that full extension look.

A good stylist will know the correct eyelash extension removal procedure as well, so forget the DIY, and leave removal to the pros.

Keep Up With Eyelash Extensions Care 

Staying true to these simple tips for eyelash extensions care will ensure you have sexy, full, and luscious lashes for at least 6 – 8 weeks. Protect your investment and don’t forget to show off your gorgeous eyes!

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