Everything You Should Know About Facial Chemical Peels in San Diego.

Stats show that 43% of chemical peel patients are over 30 years old and the median age of San Diego is 34. People start developing visible signs of aging by the time they turn 32. You may also note that skin problems that result from sun damage are prominent among people living in sub-tropical cities like San Diego.

Several cosmetic surgical procedures are specifically used to reduce signs of skin aging. The presence of wrinkles, scars, acne, and lines can negatively impact a person’s confidence level. There are many reputed doctors and clinics you can choose from for facial chemical peels San Diego

What Is A Chemical Peel? Everything You Need To Know

Chemical Peels- Explained

Chemical peels are a cosmetic procedure where a qualified nurse, doctor, or medical practitioner applies skin-exfoliating chemicals to the patient’s skin. Chemical peels are used to remove marks, scars, lines, and acne from the person’s skin.

When the chemical is applied to the skin, the skin exfoliates and peels, giving the patient. The technique is most commonly used to remove the outermost layer of the skin. However, the treatment is now being used to treat and eliminate pre-cancerous conditions and skin tumors at their earliest stage.

While several drug stores sell over-the-counter chemical peeling solutions in San Diego, it’s recommended you seek the services of medical professionals for the treatment. Since the solution penetrates the skin and interacts with skin cells and tissues, reasonable care should be employed while carrying out the treatment. After the chemical peeling treatment, fresh, new tissues are regenerated under the skin layer.

The Cost of Chemical Peels in San Diego

The cost of chemical peel treatments could be as low as $150 or as high as $3500 in San Diego. Deep chemical peels that are used to repair the innermost layers of the skin and remove growths from the skin will cost more than surface-level skin peeling treatments that simply clean and exfoliate the skin.

The cost would also vary based on the expertise of the doctor. Surveys show that the average cost of facial chemical peels in San Diego is $650. It’s essential to choose a reliable, certified doctor for chemical peels to ensure the safest and best results. Study ratings and reviews of skincare clinics in your area and choose the best one that fits your budget.

Preparing for Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels treatments and medium chemical peels don’t require extensive or careful preparation. However, you may want to alert your doctor of any medication you are on or any allergies you are prone to. Some chemical peel solutions may not be safe for people with allergies. 

Precautions to Take After the Treatment

Direct exposure to the sun could be harmful to the new skin layer. Doctors recommend avoiding or limiting direct exposure of skin to the sun till the recovery is complete. It would be best to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen on the skin before stepping out into the sun.

Exposure to UV rays and harsh pollutants in the atmosphere could cause severe damage to the new skin layer and render the treatment ineffective.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

While chemical peels are generally safe, San Diego residents should be extra cautious after the treatment. San Diego is ranked the 6th worst city in terms of Ozone pollution in the United States. Exposure to harmful UV rays and vehicle emissions could be hazardous to the skin after chemical peels.