Essential Details You Need to Know About Blue Light

Visible light is much complex than what is in front of the eyes. When you step out of the house, when you switch on your computer or phone, your eyes will be exposed to different visible and invisible light rays having different effects. The sunrays contain different colors of lights, and one of them is the blue light which has more energy and has a shorter wavelength. It causes problems to your eyes when exposed to it for a longer period of time. Here are some of the things you need to know about blue light so that you can minimize the effects –

  • Blue light is present not just outdoors, but indoors as well. Fluorescent lights, LED lights, computer screen, smartphone screen, and others also give out blue light. The human eye is not structured to block UV rays from reaching the retina. In fact, all blue light will reach the cornea and retina.
  • Constant exposure to blue light will result in high risk of macular degeneration and can cause permanent vision loss. Thus, one has to do everything to lower their exposure to natural and human-made lights.
  • Blue lights cause eye strain, which is not good in the long term. It is essential to use glasses that can block these lights when using devices.
  • Those who have undergone cataract surgery will have to ensure that they keep their eyes protected from blue light at all times.

One of the best ways to lower your exposure to blue light is to use blue light blocking glasses from a good brand. You do want to compromise on the quality if you want to ensure that your eyes are protected at all times.  If you spend too much time outside or in front of digital devices, it is best to use blue light glasses.