Enhance your personality by trying new suit colors and combinations

For creating a good impression in the viewer’s mind, it is very important to have an idea about the most common suit colors and how to match them along with your tie. If you are unable to make any choice, then let us have a look: Always remember that the weather and season play a very significant role in selecting a color. For what occasion, you are willing to select a suit is also an important point that should not be neglected. To take out the best matching choice, here are few of the patterns and schemes that can be used whether you are planning to go to a business meeting, family function occasion, etc.:

  1. Grey suits: When we talk about grey suits, it consists of a large grey spectrum as grey could be light or in a charcoal shade. If you want to give a formal look to you, always opt for the darker suit. When you think to wear a suit or light grey color, the charcoal shade would be a great option. Choosing the shade and time completely depends upon the occasion for which you are going. Select the suit shade based on your comfort and occasion.
  1. Grey suit & white color combo: In such a neutral combination, you can wear any tie. A navy or black tie would be the most suitable for formal events. You can even try to add a dark red tie if you feel comfortable with that. If you don’t want to give a formal look to you, and just a casual one then you can pair up a white shirt, grey suit with a grey tie. Also, you can try a charcoal grey suit with a repp striped black or blue tie along with the black accessories.
  1. Black suit: Black represents authority. Black creates a reputation. It is the principal color which you can wear in any occasion, formal or informal. If you are looking forward to wearing a black suit with a white shirt, it would be best if you wear a tie that has patterns. Also to get an elegant look, you can give a try to dotted tie. To get a formal look, prefer regimental-striped or foulard ties.
  1. Black suit & Pink shirt combo: To create a combination of black suit and pink shirt, always prefer choosing the light color shade of pink shirt. In such a combination, wearing a dark color tie like striped black or navy would give you desired results. You can also prefer wearing a red tie. Pink is the color that goes well with the black. But always make sure that you don’t use the too bright pink color shirt as it can ruin the harmony. In such a combination, you can use a dotted tie, striped suit, or different shirt’s collar. You can try grey or navy color as well to bring the neutrality. Wearing such a combination would give you a formal look mostly.