Do you know what you’re putting on your face and body?

Many cosmetic products are manufactured to penetrate the skin, but not all have their safety assessed. So it is worth checking what is in the lotions you use every day. With some knowledge and a little patience, your necessaries need not cost a fortune or affect your health. From Zotezo you can find the best deal.

Various cosmetics and toiletries contain petroleum products and preservatives. In addition, there are synthetic flavorings, genetically modified ingredients and other potentially harmful chemicals. Thus, it is preferable to bet on the most natural products possible.

Caution with cosmetics: quick tips

  • Prefer toiletries from health food stores
  • Try using beeswax-based cosmetics

Long names in an ingredient list are not necessarily an indication of something toxic. To be sure, use Google as your ally and do a search. The website can also be useful.

  • Instead of aerosol products, which contain greenhouse gases, use manual spray, roll-on or stick products.
  • At the time of purchase, prefer the products that have the phrase “not tested on animals” on the label.

We know that salon products are essential to achieve good results when taking care of your customers’ hair, and that the quality of these products directly interferes with your service, right? That is why choosing good salon products is related to your professional success. Have the best Best Sunscreen for you now.

To help you make that decision, we have created this article with valuable tips for hairdressers to choose the products that will be their allies when it comes to making their hair more beautiful. Let’s start?

Professional salon products x products for home use

To start, it is important to talk about the difference between professional products and products for home or commercial use, those we find in pharmacies and perfumeries.

The most recommended salon products are professionals, as they are developed with high technology to offer the best nutrients for the hair. Commercial products, in turn, only fulfill the basic functions of hair cosmetics: cleaning and conditioning.

When it comes to chemicals, such as locks and straightening, professional cosmetics are the only ones that guarantee high performance and, at the same time, preserve the health of the hair fiber.

Cost x benefit

When choosing salon products you will need to consider the cost benefit of these cosmetics so that you can get the profit margin you want. From Kajal to lipstick, you can have the best choice.

For this, it is important to take into account some relevant factors:

  • How much does this product cost?
  • How many applications will it render?
  • When using this product, what will be the cost of the service you will offer?
  • With that cost in mind, what will be the final value of the service? That is, what will your profit be?
  • Is the final value suitable for the audience of your salon?

When choosing salon products, always keep the audience in mind, after all, there is no point in using very sophisticated cosmetics if your customers are not willing to pay for them, right? Likewise, using very basic products may not satisfy your audience’s needs. Evaluate carefully.To calculate the cost of products for a service, simply divide the value of the cosmetic by the number of applications it yields.

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