Digital Medium – A catalyst in rapid growth of men’s grooming market

Believe it or not but influence plays a key role in buying a particular product. Most of the times, you would prefer buying shampoo or soap in which a prominent personality has featured viz-a-viz a product that is recommended by your friends or colleagues. Influencers do not only play a key role in making customers to buy products but they also set new trends that later become a fashion statement. Fashion Trends keep changing from time to time.For example – In the 1990s, bell-bottoms were a major hit but now it is considered outdated. The same can also be applied to grooming aspects of men.

Famous Bollywood actors and cricketers are keenly observed by people, not only for their skills but also for their fashion sense. Off late lot of celebrities are seen sporting beard and the type of beard depends on their physique and face cut. Men with long hair prefer dense beard look, men with smaller face prefer short & well-trimmed beard, and men with prominent jawline prefer boxed beard style. There are many Indian beard styles and you should follow proper grooming schedule to make the most out of your bearded look.

As per a report, an average Indian man spends approximately 42 minutes on grooming himself (Source). The changing trend is not only seen in larger cities but the men in smaller towns are also conscious about their looks. Good looks exude confidence and modern metrosexual men leave no stone unturned to try new hairstyles, different kind of clothing, different beard styles, and much more.

The men’s grooming market that has products catering to styling for young generation men is no longer in its infancy. The overall market in that segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% from 2018~2022 (Source). It is categorized in different sub-categories like men’s shaving products market, fairness cream market, beard care market, skincare market, etc. Advertisements sporting brand ambassadors of these products in mass media channels like TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. used to play a major part in educating consumers about male grooming products. However, things have changed drastically after rapid mobile internet penetration as content about male grooming products is available on the click of a button.

Affordability of smartphones and availability of high-end features in sub Rs. 10K phones have been a game-changer for consumers as well as brands. Since male grooming products are available online in e-commerce websites and brand’s online store, most men search for Male grooming websites online.Be it a beard styling product, a combination of beard&face wash, face & body wash product;all categories of products are available online for purchase. Customers who are still wary of using their credit cards online can use the Cash On Delivery (COD) option where the payment is done once the product is delivered to them.Popular FMCG male grooming brands are making use of the omnichannel medium to motivate more customers to shop online for products that suit their personality.

As discussed earlier, modern Indian men prefer to sport a beard and stay in-line with the latest fashion trends. This not only motivates the brands to come up with different categories of products but also recommend products based on the customer’s personality & purchase patterns. Usage of advanced technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the rise in the FMCG sector including men’s grooming market.

The men’s grooming industry is growing at a rapid rate and it won’t be surprising if the next set of customers isfrom tier-2/tier-3 cities & villages where the digital revolution is on the rise!

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