Different Types of Lip Gloss Tubes

Lip gloss tubes are one of the most important components for a successful lip gloss business. You can find lip gloss tube in a variety of colours and sizes. The size of a tube is measured in millimeters, which is the total height of the tube including its base and cap. Typically, lip gloss tubes come in five different sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. If you’re looking to create your own lip gloss brand or are interested in learning more about starting your own business, this article will give you all the information you need.

The most common types of lip gloss tubes are:

Lip Gloss Containers

Lip gloss containers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have screw tops while others have flip top caps or snap shut lids. They come in clear or coloured plastic and some have a frosted look to them. One popular option is the clear plastic tube that has a metallic colour inside the tube. This gives your lip gloss product an upscale appearance without adding any extra cost.

Pump Dispensers

The pump dispenser is another popular type of lip gloss container that is used by many companies today. These containers work well for lotions and creams as well as for lip gloss products because they dispense just the right amount each time you use it so there is no waste or excess product left over when you’re done applying it to your lips or face.

Standard Lip Gloss Tubes

The standard lip gloss tube is a popular choice among budget conscious customers. The tube itself is clear plastic with a white cap, which shows the colour of your product through its transparency. This type of container is commonly used for smaller sized products, such as lip balms and chapsticks.

Lip Gloss Applicator Bottles

A lip gloss applicator bottle is a combination of both a regular lip gloss tube and an applicator wand. This type of container has a similar appearance to a standard one but also contains an applicator wand attached to the bottom of it as well. These types of containers are often used by companies that are looking to cut costs while still offering their customers high quality products at reasonable prices.

Lip Gloss with Spoolie Applicator

This type of applicator has a spoolie attached to it that helps you apply the lip gloss evenly on your lips without any mess or hassle. This kind of applicator can be used for both cream and liquid lipstick products as well as regular lip glosses and tints.

Sponge Lip Gloss Tubes

This type of lip gloss tube has a sponge applicator instead of a wand applicator. You can apply this kind of lip gloss by dabbing it on your lips and spreading it out evenly. The sponge applicator makes this type easier to use than the standard version because you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while applying it.

Lip Gloss Dispenser Tubes

These kinds of tubes have small holes in them that allow you to dispense just enough product so that you don’t waste any while applying it to your lips or other areas on your body where you want to put some on (such as cheeks). These tubes usually come with one-way valves that open only when pressure is applied.