Different Types of Kurti That Suits All Body Shape

Kurtis is all women’s go-to ethnic pieces. No matter the occasion, we know that we find a kurti in our collection that is the right match and will make us stand out most dazzlingly. Kurtis is modest, exudes elegance and sophistication, yet can be quite alluring. They can look festive, casual, and formal in the best way possible.

A well-fitted kurti will accentuate your curves and add a modelesque touch to your attire regardless of your body shape, size, skin tone, and other physical features.

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Keep scrolling for a list of Rangriti kurtis that are suitable for leggings for women of all body types:

  • A-line Kurti

If you have an apple, oval, inverted triangle or inverted hourglass-shaped body, a flowy A-line rangriti kurti that flares out from the waist and does not stick to your body will do wonders figure. However, if you go for darker shades, they will make you appear taller, and the cinch will make your waist appear slimmer. An A-line kurti, if long, can be worn on its own like a gown; or you can even pair it with palazzos, patialas and leggings, depending on the occasion and preference.

  • Straight Kurti

This type of rangriti kurtis is suitable for women of all body shapes but is best suited for pear-shaped and triangle-shaped bodies where the shoulders are narrower than the hips. A straight kurti will fit perfectly at the shoulders and elongate your upper body. These kurtis are available in vibrant shades or all colours, with fashionable necklines and beautiful embroidery work.

  • Shirt Kurtis

The perfect mix of a formal button-down shirt and a charming kurti, shirt kurtis have buttons starting right from the collar to the end of the kurti. Shirt kurtis are suitable for rectangular-shaped bodies, so even a ready-made one will suit your figure as if it was made for you, a tough fit to find. This rangriti kurtis are available in varying striking colours, both light and dark, suitable for dark, dusky, and light-skinned women.

  • Angrakha Kurti

With asymmetrical openings secured by straps ‘Doris’, buttons or hoops at the v-shaped neckline, angarakha rangriti kurtis are mesmerizing. Instead of embroidering and piping down the middle of the front, angrakha kurtis have them on the left or right side, giving them a contemporary, asymmetrical look that we all love. Additionally, since this kurtis are flared from the waist, they are well suited for all body shapes. They are chic, versatile, easy to style and comfortable to wear simultaneously.

  • Asymmetrical hemline or C shaped Kurti.

Another style of kurti that accentuates any and every body shape, a c shaped rangriti kurti, is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. These designer kurtis have c shaped, asymmetrical hemlines that long towards the seams or slits. One can wear C-shaped kurtis with ethnic bottoms like churidars, patialas, and jeans based on their choice and comfort.