Creative, Original And Surprising Wedding Invitations

More than ever, getting married is a special occasion, and as such, it deserves to be announced by a unique wedding invitation

While the vast majority of couples spend months searching for the right type of paper, the ideal calligraphy, the style of writing, and the aesthetics of the invitation, few take the trouble to make their invitations as unique as their wedding will be. So if your thing is to go outside the box and break the traditional patterns, we invite you to read on. Maybe among the ideas we will list, you will find the unique wedding invitation that best suits what you and your partner want to do.

The classics

The wedding announcement is, to some extent, the first contact with your guests before D-day. Our extensive collection is designed precisely to meet this need to match the event with the communication used. On our website, you will find wedding invitations for all styles, cultures, and origins. The most original invitations to those with a more classic approach depend on what you want.

For a country wedding, for example, you can choose an invitation with a more country style. In the city, you may prefer a more urban chic or vintage tone. Sober, oriental, white tones, illustrations, or humorous: our goal is to make your invitation fit the theme you like best for your wedding.

Some people dream of haute couture and dreamy designs: an elegant invitation printed on a heavy paper card with an attractive ribbon is very appropriate. Others prefer a menu related to the couple and the marriage, without excessive formalities: in this case, a simple invitation animated by a few original details will be the one that best suits you.

It’s up to you, choose an invitation from all our designs in which you will only have to write your text, inspiring you, if needed, in our suggestions. Otherwise, let yourself go and modify everything you want.

Photo Retro viewer

Look where the rolls have other uses, in this case, to be the invitation letter to your wedding. A beautiful symbolism that will surprise your guests. You will surely put a smile on their lips when they have that nostalgic object in their hands.

Wedding Delight Tin

Don’t get confused; these finely designed cans will be the perfect wedding invitation to avoid rice bags. The guests will receive their tin containing a handful of rice and a small parchment with the wedding information inside.

Wooden Invitation

Natural and very creative, the wedding invitations in pieces of wood will mark the beginning of your wedding. You can decide if you want the data engraved on wood slices or forming another witty part.

Puzzle Invitation

Have your guests play a game to discover the ins and outs of your wedding. The invitation puzzle will give you a fun and original touch to your wedding. They need some number of pieces to be ordered and fitted together to discover the hidden message. A timeless game that everyone will like.