Counterfeit Designer and Streetwear Fashion Keeps Growing

With more and more fashion awareness and brand-consciousness prevail, people are inclining towards a rather more budget-friendly, easy on the pockets alternative: Counterfeit fashion. An increasing number of young people are going for affordable knock-offs, usually sourced from China, through the internet and online communities offering high-quality reps.

The counterfeit designer and streetwear fashion industry has reached a whopping $500 billion industry in recent times. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, Hermes, and Prada are considered to be among the most targeted designer brands that have their products replicated in this industry. The same goes for streetwear like Fear of God and Supreme. A lot of communities are becoming the pivotal platform for a lot of consumers who want to purchase these affordable reps.

For example, Reddit comes with many online communities such as DesignerReps, RepSneakers, and FashionReps that aid customers to get replicas (shortened as reps) or “counterfeits,” which are typically priced to a hefty price tag.

Let’s look at FashionReps, the largest of the Reddit online community, for instance. It comes with over 330,000 members with an almost consistent stream of the latest posts. You can find reviews from the consumers for the online community who rate the likeness and quality of the product bought as compared to the original or “branded” version.

There are posts referring to the designer and streetwear fashion brands where the original products are not friendly for the wallet.

How Are These Communities Helping?

The internet helps gain customers access to different reps through suggesting and explaining the ways of using sites like WeGoBuy. The site appears to train non-Chinese individuals with the details they need to know for buying products from online markets such as the famous Taobao (the Chinese Amazon), Tmall, and JD.

However, the real reason behind such sites is that consumers do not know the Chinese language. The retailers don’t do shipping to the addresses in Europe or the US, with a reason being that the shipping needs to be compliant with the local piracy laws.

People can assess list products in English from platforms like China Haul, which makes the translation process easier.

Why Are Reps Getting Popular?

The real reason is the cost factor that comes with getting products from the counterfeit industry. What’s more, with better quality of the products in terms of actual product replication, consumers are getting more pleased, which could impact the sales in the international markets, especially in the US and Europe where a lot of luxury items for clothing are manufactured.

What’s the Consumers’ Say on Reps?

A survey indicates that more than half of the population under the 30s who buy counterfeits are not concerned with the counterfeit impact on the luxury market. Also, 74 percent of consumers are satisfied with their counterfeit product purchase.

However, just like we have observed regarding the trend of reselling, the actual demand for the reps is an actual reflection around the hype or the “brand-conscious” trend rising. You might see it as sort of an unanticipated compliment for the luxury brands. Some brands might take it as an ordinary side effect that comes with success, which is a great deal for them.