Combine tradition with fashion with these new Mangalsutra designs

The Mangalsutra is a pious symbol of a Hindu married woman. This piece is much more than just an accessory but signifies the holy bond shared between a man and a woman. It dates back to the 6th century AD when a single yellow thread was tied across the wrist of the bride. Yes, you heard it right – the traditional mangalsutra was meant to be tied around the wrist or in modern terms be worn as a bracelet.

The yellow thread has since been replaced by a gold chain and black beads that call upon the divine power to bless the couple. Today, a mangalsutra is equal parts tradition and fashion. With new trends emerging in jewellery design, there are many latest mangalsutra design options available to you! You can wear any of them to show your love and commitment towards your spouse as well as make it a style statement.

Traditional gold mangalsutra design (H2

The traditional mangalsutra has a variety of designs and relevance picked up from different cultures in different states. The North Indian and Gujarati styles are in most prevalence today. But South Indian brides have a unique latest mangalsutra design preference of their own. The Malayali and Maharashtrian brides wear mangalsutra with two golden discs, while the Andhra style has two golden beads.

Solitaire mangalsutra design

A solitaire mangalsutra combines the traditional gold chain and black beads with a solitaire. Diamonds are the western way to confess love and are, quite honestly, the best stone to combine with mangalsutra. It not only enhances the beauty but adds to the meaning as well. The permanence of the diamond combined implies that your relationship is eternal. The solitaire also adds a certain level of bling and draws eyes to it, so now everyone knows of the love you share with your spouse.

Contemporary mangalsutra design

The contemporary mangalsutra design is a mix and match of different elements adopted from different cultures and combined with a modern style. It is sleek, it is blingy and has simplistic shapes to highlight the shine of gold. It can also be customised to add a personal touch, like the couple’s sun sign, couple initials and many more. It is incumbent on us to mention Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, the Bollywood bride who took the same route and combined her sun sign with her beau’s with a solitaire.

Bracelet mangalsutra design

Well, this is another style pitched in by the Bollywood wives. If you guessed it was Sonam Kapoor, then let us tell you that it was Shilpa Shetty who did this first. The fitness guru found that a bracelet mangalsutra is the gold mangalsutra design and is much more convenient and easier to style with. Young brides prefer this style because it is customisable and multiple charms can be added. 

Long chain mangalsutra design

Long-chain mangalsutra design is a simple change to the traditional designs. As the name suggests, the long chain mangalsutra design has a long golden chain and hangs lower. As opposed to traditional necklace style mangalsutras, it hangs near the navel and can be paired easily with other necklaces.