Christmas a Festival Enjoyed By Adults As Well As Kids 

Christmas is an annual festival of Christians celebrated as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on 25th December. It is the firm belief of Christians that Jesus was the son of god. The celebrations and preparations start from the 21st of December to 25th. It is celebrated all over the world nowadays by Christians as well as by non- Christians. The exact date when Jesus was born is not known by anybody so the date is given in the BIBLE following some ancient sayings.

Fun Things People Do On Christmas 

So basically on Christmas cakes, cookies, and other food items are cooked and all the family gathers at a place and eats together. For Children specially this is all about eating sweets and decorating Christmas tree and waiting for Santa Claus. Writing Santa letters are also a way to convey our wishes to god.

Public Gatherings 

On the occasion of Christmas, a lot of public gatherings are organized by different organizations where people can have dinner and enjoy their Christmas Eve by dancing, singing, and doing other fun related activates.

Celebration at Churches 

People go to church to attend the prayer and also to donate things to the needy and homeless people. Parties are also organized on this day in the churches when people come to light a candle and wish for the good health and prosperity of their family.

What Do Adults Do On This Day?

Adults prepare flavor some food and decorate the Christmas tree; decoration involves putting lights and colored bulbs, artificial or natural flowers, and many other things. Parents also buy cool gifts for their toddlers and for each other too. Some people go to visit the church for prayers while others just pray at home and spend quality time with family. As this night comes after a year every time so people enjoy it with enthusiasm.

Why It Is So Special For Kids?

Kids can find happiness in anything that’s why they are so special. Kids on this day are the happiest beings on earth because they get to do whatever they want and nobody scolds them. They eat chocolates and cookies as much as they want and get letters from Santa to their favorite Santa. Santa Letters is a very joyful thing for them because they believe that whatever their wish will be Santa will come and fulfill it. That’s why in order to make Santa happy they decorate the card with beautiful borders, colors, origami, or clay work. Even they decorate the envelope with paints and craft papers. They believe that Santa comes on the night of Christmas and checks the letter box and sends gifts to all kids. 

Christmas is a festival full of happiness people wait for a whole year to enjoy this night and spread love. The markets, halls, churches all are full of lights on this very day. Festivals are the mediums to connect us with our friend’s family and the society where we can get to know about others and can listen to their problems and make others happy. Getting Letters from Santa is a very exciting thing for kids.