Choosing the right career as a fashion and interior designer

Fashion and Interior design are the worlds of creativity and skills. Fashion design is the art of applying innovative designs, and patterns to a garment. Interior designer applies their sense of creativity to the interior of houses. And a sense of individuality is maintained by everyone in the field of design. Fashion designers’ work is influenced by culture, different trends, and changes with time and place. The fashion design world is getting vast as the young generation is getting interested in fashionable clothes and loves to go with trends. For this reason, fashion design courses are increasing. The fashion design institute in Kolkata gives great opportunities to aspirant students in matters of job and placement. 

First and foremost a designer should do a proper course from a design institute as the training that is given during the course is very important and at the end, a certificate is provided which is very compulsory and the first step for building a strong design career. Designing institutes give practical knowledge which is needed for aspirant students to work in the actual field. There are a lot more opportunities in the field of fashion design and knowledge of various scopes are given during the course. Fashion designers have various scopes and opportunities as follows:

  1. Fashion Designer: They create new products keeping in mind the latest trends in the market. 
  2. Fashion Illustrator: A fashion illustrator draws the primary sketch from the idea expressed by the fashion designer. 
  3. Fashion Stylist: The job of a fashion stylist is to maintain hairstyle, dress code, make-up, etc. 
  4. Fashion Coordinator: Their prime responsibility is to maintain various marketing policies of the fashion designing house. 
  5. Fashion Consultant: They are a personal consultant who helps clients to create a personal and professional image. They are fully aware of past and present market trends. 

Selecting a proper field of interest is very important in the designing world for a bright career. 

An interior designer works mainly works according to their client’s interest. Interior designing is the art of enhancing the beauty of the interior of a house, cafeteria, office, etc. Interior designers have to maintain various safety norms. There are various job opportunities there in the interior design field as follows:

  1. Work as a professional: Interior designers can join any particular company and can design for them. 
  2. Setting up own firm: Interior design is a very promising field for becoming an entrepreneur. 
  3. Freelancing: As an interior designer one can go for freelancing can work with different companies on small or big projects. 

During the course, students are given knowledge about colour schemes, fabrics, management of space, designing virtually, and keeping track of trends in design and style. For this reason, a course in interior design is mandatory. Interior designer institute in Kolkata, provides the best academic and 100% placement assurance. During an interior-design course, students gave knowledge about every aspect of the design world. Besides theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and technological knowledge are given so that students do not face any hard situations in the real working field.