Choosing the right birthstone

Birthstones have been used for a long in connecting the birth month with rare gemstones. These are usually meaningful gifts to your special people like your girlfriend, mom, and other close people during a special occasion.

Origin of birthstones

This was inlaid with 12 gemstones that represented the 12 tribes of Israel. These are gems associated with the month a person was born. They appear to have a biblical source from the book of exodus and specifically on Aaron’s breastplate. It was adorned with Topaz, diamond, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle, Sardius, agate, Ligure, amethyst, beryl, jasper, and onyx.

The modern variation of the breastplate dates back to 18th century Poland where Jewish game traders would market each stone based on the person’s birth month. The practice was solidified in the United States by jewelers in 1912. And the twelve birthstones have remained the same since that time.

Historically, the gemstones were believed to have mythical powers that benefit the wearer to promote joyfulness, protection, and healing. But contrary to some people’s opinion, picking a gemstone is not limited to color, but you can choose according to zodiac signs, day, or season of birth.

Following are some of the ways you choose the correct birthstone

Meaning of each stone

Ancient astrologers believed that birthstones would bring good luck, protection against bad energy, and good health. For instance, ruby stones increased vitality, and amethysts increased wisdom as pink promoted healing. Other gemstones were associated with supernatural powers like mindfulness, magnetism, and concentration for positivity in friendships and love.

Choosing birthstone as per month of birth

There are so many months associated with more than one birthstone. Every month of the year has a gemstone or multiple of them associated with it. For these, you can choose between traditional and modern birthstones. The US Association of jewelers standardizes these. Bloodstones, for instance, were associated with those born in March through another school that holds that it’s Aquamarine.

Choosing the birthstone based on zodiac signs

Apart from using the month of birth as criteria for choosing a birthstone, they can also be selected as per the western astrological sign of the person known as the horoscope or zodiac sign. These are like Leos, which match perfectly with onyx stones and amethysts blend so well with Pisces.

Here are some of the birthstones and their months;

Garnet: January Birthstone

This is the birthstone for those born in January. It means deep red color, and in Latin, it means the seed of a pomegranate. It’s a deep red gem that matches any type of jewelry.

Amethyst: February birthstone

The birthstone for February babies. It is a variety of quartz, the same that covers sandy beaches. The deep purple color signifies royalty.

Aquamarine: March birthstone

This is for the lucky ones born in March. The gem is named after the blue sea and is a type of beryl found in igneous rocks. It can be found in many colors, and therefore you can choose your favorite.

The diamond represents April, Emerald May, Pearl June, Ruby July, Peridot August; Sapphire represents September Birthstone, Opal, Topaz, and tanzanite representing October, November, and December, respectively.

There’s a unique stone attached to every month, and therefore before you buy one as a gift for that person you treasure, you need to be sure about their month of birth and preferred color.