Choosing the Perfect Diamond for a Ring

Diamonds signify forever and when it is in the setting of a ring, it generally refers to something special. While this brings about an emotional connection to the diamond ring, there is also a financial aspect attached to it. Diamond rings have great resale value and hence the diamond which is to be set in the ring needs to be chosen with care.

The following points should always be kept in mind when selecting the same:

  • The shape of the diamond is of particular importance especially when the diamond needs to be set in a ring. It has been generally seen that the princess cut or the round cut are most suitable for the same.
  • The carat weight depends on the preference and affordability of the client. 
  • The twinkle of the diamond depends on the cutting quality of a diamond. The more facets a diamond has, the better is the cutting quality and refraction taking place; the more is the brilliance of the diamond and the better is the price that one can command if there is ever a need to “sell my diamond ring online.
  • The clarity of high quality makes the diamond appear almost flawless when viewed with the naked eye. The larger the diamonds, the easier it is to understand the imperfections and hence these should be checked thoroughly.
  • Symmetrically cut diamonds are always preferred but a slight flaw in the same should not be taken as a reason for rejecting the same. This is because symmetry does not have much impact on the looks of the diamond.
  • The quality of polishing that the stone has received also needs to be concentrated on. Poor quality polished diamonds should be avoided at all costs.

Last but not least, any diamond purchased should have the required certification regarding genuinely attached. This authenticates the stone and also ensures that clients who come to purchase diamonds have a peaceful night’s sleep.