Choosing the Finest Options for the Sound in Your Car

Who doesn’t like to listen to good music with the help of the subwoofer box to relax while driving and staring at traffic, right? In this article, we’ll give you some guidance for you who want to replace your original car speaker with a custom one that fits your needs.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Car Speaker

According to the technical definition, speakers are transducers that convert electrical energy into acoustics. Therefore, they need to be chosen carefully to ensure the conversion quality of the audio. Check out three amazing tips on what to look for at the time of purchase!

  1. Check power

One of the main reasons why someone changes the car speaker is, in fact, the power, which is measured in Watts RMS, being the transformation of energy into sound waves. So always look for the speaker that has the most power, within your budget.

Attention. Always consider the RMS power and not the PMPO, as the latter does not reveal the actual value and may provide a larger number than it is.

  1. Frequency

It is important to be aware that every car speaker has a frequency response, which is its operating range. It is measured in Hertz and can be found in an instruction manual, for example.

To be clear about what the frequency response is about, let’s take this example: If the Hertz measurement of the speaker is from 50Hz to 1,000Hz, it means that the lowest frequency reached by the speaker is 50Hz and the highest of 1,000. Hz. Therefore, you need to choose and analyze according to your personal taste and need.

  1. Pay attention to sensitivity

Sensitivity is the sound pressure achieved through the electrical signal sent from the missing high. The measurement used for sensitivity analysis is called decibel (dB) and can be easily checked in the instruction manual as well as the frequency.

  • For health reasons, it is recommended that you do not exceed the 85 dB margin to avoid ear damage.
  • Did you like the tips for choosing the ideal car speaker? Keep following the Dispatcher’s blog and see some steps to choose good equipment for your vehicle.
  • Automotive sound is becoming more essential every day. Whether for urban traffic with slow traffic jams, or for long or medium trips, sound transforms the driving experience. Choosing the car stereo is virtually no longer a matter of choice.

Still, it is common for vehicles to leave stores without a sound device. Even those lucky enough to take one from the factory should be mindful of its quality. If you already have sound or still need one, check out the tips and learn everything to rate or assemble yours.

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