Buy Best Maang Tikka Online According to Your Face Shape at Best Price

Which maang tikka would suit my face? Are you juggling such things while choosing artificial Punjabi jewelry? Well, if yes, then this blog is exclusively written for you and is worth reading. I think head tikka is one of the most important jewelry pieces that can completely change the looks. However, it becomes pivotal to choose the maang tikkas as per the shape of the face as well as the type of dress you are choosing to wear on a special day. 

Pick Any Maang Tikka for Square Face  

Well, the factors that define the shape of the face are strong jawlines and cheekbones. As per the experts, women with such faces must include tikkas or matha patti. Passas also give an elegant look to the women with the square shape. Generally, the forehead is comparatively small so small tikkas look good like the one given in the below picture.

Choose the Best Head Tikka for Oval Face Face 

I think an oval face looks exquisite to bear all the accessories flawlessly. Whether it is a matha patti, oversized Kundan Pearl Maang Tikka, Pearl Maang Tikka available Online, one can pick anything. Visit here to look into the trends.

Buy the Best Head Tikka for Round Face

As explained above, the shape of a round face is defined by the cheeks, chin and jawline. In a round shape, the face is completely round. Most of the time, a small tikka looks pretty on the forehead of the woman with a circular shape. One can choose diamond-shaped tikka or tikka in round shape too. The one that may look best is given in the picture below

Pick the Best Maang Tikka for Diamond Face 

This is the category in which the cheekbone area is broader than the rest of the face that gives the face a diamond shape. Generally, the recommended type of Maang tikkas for diamond face is normal in size. As over-size tikkas are not meant for people having diamond-shaped faces. 

Buy the Best Head Tikka for Oblong Face

If anyone has a long jawline and narrow face, then she is considered as an oblong face. One can add matha Patti with the tikka as well as oversize head tikkas also look beautiful. If you have an oblong face shape then consider yourself lucky because one can use any type, shape or size of maang tikka that looks awesome. So, just experiment with your looks. Make sure to multiple widths instead of adding the length of the maang tikka.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I would like to conclude with the personal choice of an individual. Everyone has their own choice and likings. So, one should choose what they wanted to go with. And yes, choose whatever you want to choose and WEAR it with CONFIDENCE. If you are looking to buy the best maang tikka for any special occasion then must visit Amazel Designs. We have a wide collection of maang tikkas. Pick the latest collection of head tikkas of all types and colors. BUY Online Maang Tikkas at ANY time and WITHOUT paying delivery charges. Hurry Up!!!! Just place an order of Tikkas and get it delivered to your doorsteps.