Bring Your Options for the best Massage

Massages on the ground (shiatsu not included, as this is a special case) will be the most energy-hungry (and not recommended for people suffering from joint or back problems). Oil massage on the table will be the intermediary. The chair massage will be the least tiring.

  • Ground massage is very physically demanding, of course, but it will be rare for you to practice several in the same day.
  • Oil massages are certainly less tiring than those on the ground, but it will be more likely to have several on the same day.

The Chair Massage

Chair massage is undoubtedly the least tiring of the three categories, but during a business intervention or during an event, you will generally follow numerous massages in succession, sometimes without a break, which can quickly put you on the spot ball joints.

What type of masseur or masseuse do you want to be?

Massage, as you probably know, can be a nomadic activity. At your home, at customers’ homes, in hotels, businesses, in the great outdoors, no limit is imposed on you. That said, from one category to another, the size will not be the same:

  • Massages on the floor are performed on a travel massage futon, which is generally easily foldable and transportable, placing this massage category in the first place in terms of “mobility”.
  • The chair massage, as its name suggests, is carried out on an ergonomic chair. It is usually foldable and sold with a carrying case, making traveling easier. (Especially in public transport).
  • Nevertheless it remains quite bulky and heavy (count about 10kg).

Table massage, as you would expect, comes last. Even the lightest tables do not drop below 15 to 16kg (and can be much heavier).

They are very bulky, even folded, and moving with them, without using your car, will certainly be possible, but will still be an adventure that you will not like to repeat too often. In the massage store in 마사지코리아 대구 you can find the options that are perfect  now.

What type of massage is suitable for your personality?

As we told you above, massage is a rich universe. It is a multi-millennial art, certain techniques of which are steeped in stories, traditions, ancestral medicine, and it has led to a true art of living.

Some massages, if you take the trouble to pay attention to them in depth, will open the doors to a totally new vision of the world and life. For example, Ayurvedic massage is a real institution in India. Ayurvedic massages are also used as treatment rituals.

But this concept of well-being is not limited to just that. Ayurveda is a true traditional medicine which also incorporates a very specific type of diet and a unique concept of humans. Other massages, just like Ayurvedic, can give you access to a form of art of living and spirituality.


But each practitioner is different and not everyone will find themselves in these philosophies or these conceptions of life. However, it is quite possible to learn the techniques without embracing the entire culture.