Best Leather Briefcase Bags For Men in 2020

The year 2020 has brought many surprises that we were not ready for. A work from the home environment was created which formed most of the population to stay indoors. However, with the world opening up and the cloud of pandemic slowly drifting away, we see a surge of normality coming back. Going back to work is still dangerous but with the right precautions, it can be practiced. However, fashion never took a break and neither will it now when you return to work. Therefore, carrying a leather briefcase bag is the best “I am back” statement that you can put out there. Remember, smiles won’t be a common thing with masks on. Hence, we have come up with a list of briefcase bags for men that will rock the remaining of the year 2020. 

Solid Leather Bag

The classic office briefcase with a hard top never went out of fashion and probably will never go out as well. With a finesse look, you get all the professional power behind you once you walk into any setting with this bag in your hand. Moreover, it helps you in protecting your documents and belongings. The only downside in the current era is that these bags are not laptop friendly and the ones that are, become too big to carry. However, if you are a classic gentleman, this is the one for you! 

Leather Messenger Bag

The modern professional has accepted the fact that his life will always be at a fast pace. Therefore, the messenger bag which was used by bikers in the pst has moved into the corporate and professional world. With a shoulder strap and laptop carrying option, it becomes the pinnacle of your work life every day. Not only does it carry your laptop and documents but also your gadgets as it has smart pockets integrated within. Moreover, carry handles make it easy to convert it into a professional bag if you don’t want that casual look.

Cross Shoulder Laptop Bag

If you are looking for a large number of pockets in your leather briefcase bags than a shoulder laptop briefcase bag is the one. It has a carry on the flap which allows you swift in and out while looking for anything on the go. It also has one laptop space and sometimes has two laptop sleeves too making it ideal for the professional who carries most of his technology along with him. It gives a hippie vibe but is known for its class and style that attracts many in and outside the workplace. 

Carry-on Leather Briefcase

However, if you are not in a mood of a leather briefcase that has a shoulder strap but is also not a hippe fast food bag, then these carry on bags are just the right deal for you. They have to carry handles and also have wheel bag handle slips so you can carry them while you are traveling as well. Traditionally, they have laptop spaces but if you use an iPad, they come in small sizes as well which makes them highly convenient to carry. 

Dual Purpose Leather Briefcase Bag

Then comes the ultra hybrid of a traditional shoulder briefcase bag and a backpack. This comes with shoulder loops, so you can convert them into a backpack especially while you are in the subway or taking a train/bus. Spacious in nature and comfortable to carry, this hybrid leather bag is the next in-thing coming to town but you can be ahead of everybody in the game even before the first whistle is blown. This bag packs comfort, space, and durability all in one package. 

An all in one solution is never a possibility when you talk fashion. However, when you talk practicality, it is altogether a different ball game. Although, we will stick to the fashion game in this blog as men generally look for comfort more than fashion but you are not one of those boring men. You have taken life by the color and decided to live it to the fullest. Therefore, get one of the best leather briefcase bags for men for every occasion and rock every room that you walk in, be it your office, gym, or relative’s apartment. Get going!!