Attending an Irish wedding? Consider these gift ideas…

As we race towards the wedding season, the chances are that you’ve been invited to a few celebrations, whether it be friends, family, or colleagues. If you’ve got friends who are of Irish descent, you might even have been invited to an Irish wedding, and be wondering what you should buy the happy couple as a wedding gift. Fear not: we’ve put together some options…


Traditional plate


Plates are one of the most popular traditional Irish wedding gifts, not only because they’re useful, but because they help to immortalize the couple’s happy day and give them something to display in their home (or eat their grilled cheese off of!). Choose a decorative Irish plate with a traditional blessing and the couple’s name – they’ll be so grateful for it.



If you’re buying for the bride to be, then consider some Celtic cross Jewelry. Not only are these pieces unmistakably Irish, but they allow the bride to demonstrate her commitment to her faith and to her future marriage, and they’re super pretty, too. Choose a piece that has been handmade in Ireland and hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle – she’ll be carrying a genuine piece of Ireland around with her as she walks down the aisle!

Wedding plaque


There are so many ways to remember a wedding, but one of the best has to be a wedding plaque, showing off the names of the couple, their wedding date, and a traditional blessing to wish them good luck for the future. Choose a quote that’s warm, poetic, and easy to read, or better yet, pick a quote that already means something to the couple. Look for clues on their social media pages or what they’ve got on their walls at home for something uber-personal.



Okay, let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. The Irish horseshoe is a symbol of good luck, so buy one from Ireland when you’re next visiting (or have one imported, of course) and present the good luck charm to the couple on the morning of their wedding. Some brides like to hang a horseshoe above their front door or the door of the wedding chapel for added good luck, so the sooner she gets her hands on her wedding gift, the more useful it’ll prove to be.

Wedding cup


If you want to take it back to the olden days, then an Irish wedding cup could be just what you are looking for. Goblets have been used for centuries to mark the couple’s first drink together when they’re married, and they’re supposed to drink from the cup at the same time to symbolize their coming together and the merging together of two families. Also known as a Quaich, these cups can be purchased online and engraved with personalized messages.

Whatever you end up buying, we hope that you have a fabulous time experiencing your first Irish wedding, and we wish the happy couple the very best of luck for their new life together.