All you need to know about Cashmere wool fabrics

You might be wondering why Cashmere wool is being increasingly used in luxury apparel. Well, this kind of material happens to be finer than the ordinary wool used to make winter war. Cashmere fabrics are costly, and this explains why they are used in luxury apparel.

At the outset, you should be knowing what this material actually is. Cashmere is a woolen fabric, that comes from the hair of Kashmir or Cashmere goat. Besides being extremely soft, they deliver good warmth and are light in weight.

Apparels made from Cashmere wool

A wide range of apparels is made from Cashmere wool. These include:

  • Shawls
  • Scarves
  • Coats
  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets

In the branded stores, you will come across dyed accessories made from Cashmere wool. These products come in several colours, including brown, grey and white. Besides, you can opt for some trendy shades. Cashmere wool is scarce, and hence, people consider it to be a premium yarn.

Different kinds of scarves you can choose from

Some of the reputed online portals like Oats & Rice ( have a decent collection of these accessories. You can explore this store and purchase different types of Cashmere scarves. Have a look at the trending designs and patterns, and make your purchase.

  • Cross pattern monochrome twill Cashmere scarf
  • Keyhole monochrome Cashmere scarf
  • Twill Gingham monochrome Cashmere scarf
  • Two-tone reversible Cashmere scarf
  • Classic plain Cashmere scarf
  • Keyhole oatmeal Cashmere scarf
  • Mustard brim Cashmere scarf

Cashmere wool garments come with a fabulous look. Besides, a wide range of garments can be made from Cashmere wool. Due to the refined looks and aesthetics, these garments are gaining popularity across the globe. If you are interested in purchasing such apparel, you may explore the online sites. Reload your wardrobe with some of finest apparel designs of the season, purchasing quality products online.