A Simple Guide on What to Wear to Prom

Almost every high school student has thought about it as least once before; the decorations, the white-collar clad servicemen and women, the music, and everything that can happen after, prom is seen as the gateway to the rest of your life.

And although this seems to be changing, prom is often treated as the pinnacle of your high school career. By this time in the semester, your tenure is almost done and all that’s left to look forward to is graduation.

That is why prom is so important. However, you want to make sure you look your best on the (second) most important day of your high school career. Here is a guide on what to wear to prom, and enjoy yourself.

What to Wear to Prom

Now, you’ve probably seen many prom pictures before, some of which didn’t age very well (looking at you 80’s shoulder pads). When choosing what to wear to prom, be aware of several things:

  1. It may be stylish now, but consider if it will be in ten to twenty years from now
  2. Is this something I can still be sent home for by the chaperones? (there will be chaperones, its still a school function)
  3. If you are going with someone, what is the color scheme? After all, you want to be matching

With these in mind, you can proceed to choose the right outfit that is properly framed with these contexts.

Choosing the Right Outfit

A rule of thumb for choosing the right outfit is always to keep it classic, timeless, and tasteful. 

For the young men, you have the ability to go full formal with a tuxedo or even semi-formal with a well-tailored (or at least appearing to be) suit. Some students might not be able to afford a nice rental, so your prom will never be a black-tie-only affair.

For the young ladies, there are some do’s and don’ts here: black and/or white dresses are on the table, as they hit the timeless qualification. Sheer is also permissible.

However, sheer can turn tasteless very quickly so be mindful of what can be seen and what shouldn’t, otherwise you will cross into chaperone territory spoken of earlier.

Jewelry Anyone?

Jewelry is often overlooked in the grand scheme of prom planning, but it is surely something you want to keep in mind. For men, a nice timepiece and cufflinks will go a long way to elevating your appearance.

Specifically for the women out there, wearing prom jewelry pieces can accentuate your dress as well as the hair makeup that you obviously took hours to get perfect for your big night.

Make Your Prom Night Memorable

Ultimately, what to wear to prom is up to your preferences. If you follow these guidelines you and your date will look great not just for now, but in twenty years when your show the pictures to your children too. 

Prom is an important night, so enjoy it and look beautiful doing so. For other informative and interesting articles like this one, please be sure to browse the rest of our blog.