A Launch To Remember—The Damian Alexander Du’bel Bella Mayford Watch Collection

Finally here comes the launch of the Bella Mayford collection of watches. With every collection launched by them having turned out to be outstanding successes, the launch of their exquisite range of watches is a much waited for affair. Needless to say, the collection will definitely prove worthy of the wait.

As has been the custom and the main aim of the founder Damian Alexander-Du’bel, the collection of watches will be made exclusively for women. Embodying the superlative qualities that every woman is blessed with, wearing one of the watches of this collection will be an honour and a reflection of the beauty every woman carries within herself.

In fact this is the motto of every collection that is launched. The need to make a woman feel like a “queen” for the time that she wears something of this collection; be it jewellery in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or the soon to be launched collection of watches. It took the man, the founder of Du’bel Holdings, several trips across the globe, several crossings of the oceans and several traversing of time zones to fine-tune his vision of empowering women in the most subtle way possible. The collections that are launched and sold by this company state the obvious, that woman are superlative in every way possible.

Thus there is a much anticipated wait for a collection which a woman can wear every day both as a style statement and as an accessory to augment her self-confidence and put forth her smartness. The presence of a woman does not necessarily need these embellishments. It is, however, the need to look and feel beautiful for one’s own self that drives woman to opt for special and unique designs by way of watches and jewellery. Needless to say, the house of Bella Mayford is one place every woman dreams of visiting for it captures her basic essence in the best possible way.