A Guide to the Different Types of Facial Surgery

In 2020 alone, over $9 Billion was spent on cosmetic and plastic surgery. A high amount of the surgeries performed were breast augmentation and facial surgeries.

People will look to cosmetic surgery to correct a problem or to make them appear younger. Non-surgical procedures are becoming more popular. With revolutionary new procedures coming out, cosmetic procedures will overtake surgical procedures.

Carry on reading to learn about the facial surgery options that are available today.

Types of Facial Procedures

From facelifts to reconstruction surgery, there are many types of facial procedures. From the invasive to the non-surgical, here are the most popular options available.


A very invasive procedure, the facelift is a popular option for turning back the years on your face and neck. Tightens the areas around your face and jaw, leaving your skin smooth. You will need time off work and have to spend 2-4 weeks recuperating.

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Thread Lift

Thread lifts are one of the newer non-invasive procedures. A thread lift sculpts and tightens your skin by lifting your face and neck. It works by inserting cannulas into your skin, then inserting threads to the areas to lift your skin.

You will be awake during the procedure, and you will also go home on the same day.


Fillers are a popular choice to plump areas of the face and create a smooth surface. They are injectable and done whilst you are awake—the most affordable and easier solution.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Facial reconstruction surgery is performed for many reasons. From facial feminization surgery to reconstruction after an accident. You will likely have this surgery if you have been in an accident or you are transitioning.

A rare type of reconstruction surgery is facial degloving surgery. This is one of the hardest procedures to perform.

Oral Surgery

This might come as a surprise; oral surgery is a common procedure, from having wisdom teeth out to bone graft surgery after an accident. You can have oral surgery to take care of your teeth and mouth.


Another popular quick fix, Botox, is injected into the surface of the skin. The effects are temporary but seen straight away. No aftercare is required, and they are low-cost.

Botox is given for medical reasons and cosmetic reasons. 


Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. This can be cosmetic but also reconstructive. You can change the shape of your nose for a cosmetic reason or help you breathe better.

Reasons for Facial Surgery

Oral and facial surgery is not always for cosmetic reasons. Many surgeries and procedures take place because of an accident or injury, even for corrective reasons.

Rhinoplasties are reconstructive procedures as well. Many people have one to correct a broken nose or to help with breathing problems. Whilst others have it for cosmetic reasons.

Botox is given for medical reasons, from sweating problems to headaches. It’s a popular non-invasive procedure with quick results. I hope you enjoyed this interesting article on facial plastic surgery. For more exciting beauty articles, pop on over to the beauty section.