A Guide To Choosing The Best Playpen For Your Baby


When you become a parent, your baby becomes your topmost priority and you try to give them all the best things possible. There are a lot of essential baby products you should definitely consider buying and it can be beneficial for you as well. In this regard, playpens are one of the important baby products every parent must have in their house. If you are someone who travels a lot, portable playpens can be very useful for you when you have a toddler on board. The right playpen will not just keep your baby safe but will also allow you to do other work easily. Since playpens come in various types, here is a guide on how to choose the best one for your baby:

  • Purpose or use- Now most of the time a playpen is used to keep your toddler in a safe zone while they are playing and exploring. However, there are also other ways in which it can be used. Some like to use the playpen as a travel bed. Various designs also have a bassinet insert, changing table, weather-safe for outdoor use, etc. to make the product handy especially when traveling. So make sure you define your purpose before buying one.
  • Check the weight capacity- Different playpens have different weight capacity, so it’s important to check your baby’s weight and the playpen capacity before buying. Playpens with just walls are set up directly on the ground hence they don’t have any weight limits. However, many designs have integrated floors that can hold only up to a certain weight limit.
  • Folded size- If you are going to use the playpen for traveling purpose, you may like to buy a playpen which can be easily folded and compacted to store in a mini place like your car trunk. Hence, before buying a foldable playpen make sure you check the size of the product after it is folded. 
  • Materials used- You no longer need to buy an old-fashioned bar design playpen. There are now portable playpens for babies that can be bought in plastic panels to mesh and metal tubing or even wheels on them. It’s on you which model you want to select based on the ventilation, visual contact with the baby, safety, and steadiness of the playpen.

In all, playpens are very useful for parents and also provide good security to babies when they are playing.