7 Trendy and Fashionable Diaper Bags


A diaper bag is every parent’s essential. Diaper bags come in different shapes, designs, and colors. And the choice of a diaper bag entirely depends on you. However, who said diaper bags have to look boring and obvious that they are carrying diapers? Well, today, there are trendy and fashionable diaper bags that you can carry without someone noticing that it is actually one. So much so, there are a few must have elements that every diaper bag should have which include, a changing pad, enough compartments, comfortable and adjustable straps to mention a few. Also, the best baby bags are versatile meaning that even dads can be comfortably carry them around without looking or feeling out of place. In this article, we will be looking at seven trendy and fashionable bags that you can choose from ;

  1.   Multi-functional bag pack nappy bag

Made of polyester, the multifunctional bag back is one of the stylish diaper bags that is good when you will be running errands. It has comfortable straps and doesn’t stress your shoulders as it distributes the weight evenly across your back. It has many compartments which allow you to keep your baby stuff organized throughout the day. More so, with the many compartments, it also comes with a cell phone pocket where you can keep your phone. It also has thermal insulation bottle pockets as well as side bottle pockets. You can never go wrong with this bag!

  1.   Babymel Evie Fruity

Looking for a trendy bag? Look no further than the babymel Evie fruity baby bag. It comes in two types of dot patters, which include pastel dot and floral dots.  To have all your baby essentials organized, this bag has enough pockets to do so. It has an insulated bottle holder that keeps your fluids warm throughout. You can carry this bag as a sling bag as it has long detachable straps. Additionally, you can also attach to your stroller, giving you hands-free access. 

  1.   Il Tutto Ryder Leather Satchel baby bag

Talk about class and versatility, that’s the exact vibe this bag brings. It is made of leather and a nylon lining, which means that it is quite easy to maintain this bag. This bag allows you to expand the base in case you need more space to put your baby stuff. The straps are also comfortable, and you can adjust them however you want. 

  1.   Casual Nappy Bag

Going for a stroll in the park with your baby? This is the bag for you. Made of polyester, this bag is easy to clean. It has a good pattern which makes it have a chic look. The straps are adjustable you can choose to carry over the shoulder, by the handle or even place it over your stroller handles.

  1.   Storksak Boa Leather

Elegant, stylish with a modern design, this bag is to die for. It is made of premium leather and has a wide opening with a secure zipped closure.  Furthermore, it has a separate mini organizer bag with one large zipped main compartment and five outer pockets. 

  1.   Tote Nappy Bag

Made of polyester and water-resistant exterior fabric, the tote nappy bag is the to go to for all your baby essentials. It has a lot of space with an open up design. It has 2 thermal side pockets to keep your fluids warm even as you run your errands.  You can carry this bag by the handle or over your shoulders. whether you leave it on your bar stool furniture or take it out and about you will have the latest fashion item on hand.  

  1.   Storksak Jamie

A bag that dads can carry and look stylish, that’s the storksak Jamie bag. It features a built-in bottle insulated compartment, one zipped front pocket, 2 popper out pockets, a removable key fob and also you can carry your laptop in this bag.