7 T-Shirt design trends to watch in 2020

Fashion trends are everchanging. Every year some trends leave the charts, some make a comeback, while new trends are originated by the creative people to be added in your wardrobe. In the same line, 2020 is bringing in some amazingly cool t-shirt design trends for the coming decade. T-shirts are considered extremely comfortable and super-stylish casual wear that is equally loved by both men and women of all ages. In recent trends, your favorite clothing is getting cooler with unique art prints and statements reflecting your personality. You can click here for classic art T shirt to showcase your love for artistry. Here are some t-shirt design trends you should watch in 2020.

  • Rainbow prints

Rainbows have become one of the most chosen prints for t-shirts. These are the blast of bright colors that steer hope, wonder, and amusement in the wearer. These can be printed on all kinds of t-shirts. You can also look for a rainbow t-shirt that also has a message printed on it that makes the message of positivity more apparent.

  • Animal portraits

Many celebrities wear t-shirts that have a portrait of their pets printed on it. This has inspired people across the world and people are increasingly opting to have a picture of their beloved pets on t-shirts. The flair for animals on social media has also boosted the trend with people getting animal portraits printed on t-shirts to showcase their love and care for all living creatures on the planet. Large pictures of all kinds of animals like dogs, cats, cows, and turtles, etc can be seen ruling the t-shirt prints.

  • Fun artwork

Artists use the Internet to present their work. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc are a great medium to put your work to show and get people’s reactions. The artwork that is liked the most goes on the t-shirt. This trend lets designers have a t-shirt that is already loved by many people and give the artist another way to get exposure for their work. So it is a win-win deal for both.

  • Landscapes

Landscapes, particularly mountains are also a rising trend in t-shirt prints. They represent your love and closeness to nature. These are also symbols of challenges and goals in your life and display your zeal and flair to achieve them. These are most loved by optimistic people who have big plans for life.

  • Retro typography

With retro fonts in crazy color combinations, designers are bringing back the era of the 60s and 70s. These fonts are easily created and look great with all sorts of dressing styles. These are versatile and can be easily teamed with different kinds of accessories.

  • Beautiful florals

Floral designs and patterns are never going to go off-board. They stay always in some or the other way. Delicate floral prints allow the designers to play with their creativity and represent the flowers in a unique way. They also carry many symbolic meanings like a new beginning, growth, beauty, etc. which make them even more adored.

  • Bold and inspiring quotes

Words on your t-shirt always catch the eye-balls. Bold statements that reflect your strong character or inspiring quote that shows your positivity in life not just encourage you but also inspire others. The words can be from a popular saying, social media movement, social message, and many more.